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Taskin Haque selected Metropolitan State University Outstanding Student for Spring 2018 graduating class

Posted May 21, 2018

Taskin Haque selected Metropolitan State University Outstanding Student for Spring 2018 graduating class

SAINT PAUL, Minn.—A Minneapolis resident has been selected a spring semester Outstanding Student at Metropolitan State University.

Taskin Haque

Taskin Haque, College of Management Outstanding Student Spring 2018

Taskin Haque, who previously earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Dhaka in her home country of Bangladesh and graduated with a Master of Management Information Systems, was chosen outstanding graduate student in the Metropolitan State University’s College of Management’s graduate program. She was one of 1,058 students receiving bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees at Metropolitan State’s 102nd commencement exercises on April 28, 2018 in Saint Paul.

“As an international student, blending in with the new culture was my biggest fear. Also, being one of the youngest people with the least experience in the class was challenging for me at the beginning,” Haque said. “I would like to thank my professors, classmates and colleagues at the Center for Online Learning for always being there for me and always helping me at their best capacity. The culture of Metropolitan State taught me to embrace the new while keeping my own values.”

Haque began working as an associate technical support analyst for Medtronic in January 2018. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, who is a PhD student at University of Minnesota. She plans to pursue a PhD after working in her field for a few years.

At Metropolitan State, Haque was active in student life. She participated in a number of cultural groups and is a cultural program coordinator for University of Minnesota’s Bangladeshi Student Association. She performs as a singer and dancer in the association’s annual program.

Haque is also active off campus, and has volunteered for Friends for Non-Violent Worlds since Fall 2017. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the world and trying new recipes with her husband. She recently purchased her first pair of ice skates with plans to learn. Haque and her father also share a love for music and enjoy singing together. Her mother has always been her biggest fan and ready to support her to “win the world” at any time.

Haque set her eyes on outstanding student recognition and finishing her master’s degree with a 4.0 grade point average, both of which she has achieved. More than anything, she actively sought to learn as much as possible from her classes and explored different facets of information technology through her assistantship with the Center for Online Learning. She previously earned her undergraduate degree from one of the most prestigious business schools in Bangladesh.

“I clearly remember the day I first heard about this award from my pervious academic advisor, Dr. David Bouchard. It was my graduate school orientation day. Growing up as a girl in a underdeveloped country, appraisal and recognition have been always a big part in my life. It motivates me to set my goal and work above and beyond,” Haque said. “I set up my grad school goal that I want to one of the recipients and work towards that. I am extremely grateful to my honorable faculty members, advisors, my colleagues and supervisor at Center For Online learning for encouraging and supporting me all the time.

“Being nominated for outstanding student award and also winning gives me the motivation to work harder for my future endeavors. Also, it means a lot to me to make my parents proud by winning this award. The award given to me to live my dream and receiving the award in the presence of my parents is the dream I was living for.”