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Metro State couples marketing courses and certification to elevate opportunities for graduates

Posted April 17, 2023

Leadous, a nine-year gold Adobe partner focused exclusively on Marketo Engage, has announced a partnership with Metro State University. Metro State University constantly strives to find opportunities for its students post-graduation that propel them into their careers. The latest Marketing Automation program is the first of its kind at the university to combine existing course curricula with a third-party technical certification to put their students in a top position after graduation.

“The job market is more competitive than ever,” shared Audrey Bergengren, Metro State University vice president of Strategic Enrollment and Marketing. “In many business functions technical certifications give candidates an edge. At Metro State, we are constantly looking for ways to give our graduates an edge as well, combining a degree with a specialized certification does just that. We don’t just focus on them succeeding while they are at Metro State, but how we can help influence the trajectory of their lives once they leave.”

The partnership combines the existing Metro State University marketing curriculum and the newly added digital marketing concentration led by Dr. Minjung Park, associate dean of Marketing, and goes one step further by tying in Leadous’ marketing automation expertise. Leadous has trained hundreds of Marketo Engage users on the foundational elements of the platform, and advanced features, and helped many to achieve professional, expert, and architect certifications.

“Marketing automation is one of the most sought-after skill sets within digital marketing.” stated Aimee V. LaBree Hohn, Leadous vice president of Learning and Development. “Individuals with Adobe Marketo certifications are paid upwards of 30% more than those without certification and can easily achieve six figures within 3–5 years.”

Leadous has built online learning curriculums for Adobe’s Marketo Engage solution and provides personalized learning pathways that combine online, classroom, workshop, and one-on-one sessions to help aid in the acceleration of the knowledge transfer process. The current pass rate of those that have certified is 100%, not to say the process is not difficult, but rather to highlight that the course, instruction, and support offered to achieve this milestone in a marketer's career has become one of Leadous’ passions. To learn more about Leadous’ training and certification opportunities for Marketo Engage click here.