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New Data Science major available for students

Posted April 18, 2019

Venn diagram of Computer Science/IT, Math and Statistics, and Domains/Business Knowledge, with Data Science being in the middle.

Metropolitan State University has announced the new Bachelor of Science in Data Science program for spring 2019.

Metropolitan State offers a multidisciplinary data science program integrating mathematics, statistics, computer science, and management information systems. Students can make connections across disciplines, and, through the program’s incorporation of project-based curriculum and consulting experience, be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities. 

Data science is an interdisciplinary field including mathematics, statistics, computer science, and business analytics. Data science uncovers insights through extracting, managing, and analyzing large data sets. The information data scientists gather can help organizations large and small make decisions.

Data scientists work in industries such as:

  • Biotech
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Information management

The first course of the university’s new Data Science major began the spring 2019 semester, with DATA 211 Data Science and Visualization. The class provides “hands-on practice of the methods, procedures, and tools used to summarize and visualize data, preparing students to use data in their field of study and in their work, and to effectively communicate quantitative findings.” Students who are interested can also take DATA 211 this upcoming Fall 2019 semester.