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Lactation support and resources

Metro State University has multiple lactation spaces for people who are lactating. The Student Parent Center also provides lactation supplies and resources for pregnant and parenting students. We have multiple different types of spaces for people who are lactating to utilize, including Mamava Pods and Lactation Rooms.

Mamava pods

Lactation pods on campus include a private space to lactate. Each pod has a seating bench and mini fridge.

To use the pod, download the Mamava app. Use the app to schedule a time, unlock the pods, and find other pods and resources for lactation. 

If you are having trouble accessing the pod, contact:

Lactation rooms

We have multiple private rooms on our campuses for people to lactate that include a comfortable seating space and mini fridge.

Lactation Spaces on Campus

Saint Paul Dayton's Bluff campus

Mamava Pod—located on the first floor of the Student Center.

Lactation Room—Founders Hall Room 162. You can request a key from the Gateway Student Services desk.

Midway Education Center

Mamava Pod—located in the Common Area of the Midway Center.

Lactation Room—Room R. You can request the code from the security staff on site.

Other locations

Minneapolis: Use Minneapolis Community and Technical College's Student Parent Center in room T1000.

Public Safety and Police Science Center: Request an empty room for lactation from the Public Safety and Police Science Center Safety Officer.

Off-campus resources

  • Fairview Lactation Services: Staff provide support for all breastfeeding, chest feeding and human milk feeding families. We will care for you in a way that promotes and supports lactation. Support is also available for families unable to give their babies human milk or choose not to do so. Check with your insurance regarding costs.
  • Health Foundation Birth Center: Provides many comprehensive services including maternity care, lactation services, water birth and pediatric services. Health insurance is accepted.
  • Amma Parenting Center: Offers classes and products that support infant development, provides solutions to everyday parenting and makes life easier. Many free and low-cost options.
  • Everyday Miracles: Committed to reducing health disparities in communities at risk for poor outcomes. Provides compassionate, culturally aware support and a nonjudgmental, welcoming community. Most services are available at no out-of-pocket cost to those on a Medicaid health care plan.
  • Childbirth Collective: Free evening discussion groups in Saint Paul on subjects including breastfeeding, Doulas, labor preparation and postpartum health.
  • La Leche League: Helps breastfeeding mothers through mother-to-mother encouragement, information and education.