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Students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors, community members, vendors, contractors, and/or any other member of the campus community who experience or become aware of a possible bias incident may report the incident to any member of the Bias Advisory Team.

The Bias Advisory Team may respond to reported incidents in ways that include:

  • Referring affected individuals to other appropriate campus offices such as the Investigation Specialist, the Title IX officer, student conduct, counseling, campus security, etc.
  • Identifying the needs of the affected individuals, as well as those of the larger learning community.
  • Providing support, resources, and consultation to those harmed by the incident.
  • Considering whether the incident has potential free speech or academic freedom implications.
  • Updating the campus community as appropriate.
  • Organizing and holding open forums for affected individuals as well as the larger community to educate, gather suggestions, to reaffirm campus values and standards.
  • Recommending incident related topics for additional training for students, staff, and faculty.

All efforts will be made to identify and provide opportunities for the community that will enhance and encourage inter-group dialogue. These conversations will focus on relevant issues of bias and discrimination including effective strategies for enhancing well-being, safety for individuals, and the community while reinforcing our campus values. Report an incident.