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Equity and Inclusion inquiries and investigations

The Office of Equity and Inclusion is responsible for conducting inquiries and investigations for faculty, staff, and students who believe they have been harassed or discriminated against because they are a member of a protected class. Our office also conducts inquires and investigations into sexual violence matters, including sexual assault; dating, intimate partner, and relationship violence; and stalking. Inquires and investigations are done pursuant to the Minnesota State Board Procedure 1B.1.1 Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution and the Minnesota State Board Procedure 1B.3.1 Response to Sexual Violence and Title IX Sexual Harassment. To have our office conduct an inquiry or investigation, please report an incident or submit a complaint in one of the following ways:

Report an incident of sexual violence or sexual harassment

Complete our Report sexual violence, sexual assault, dating or relationship violence stalking or other sexual misconduct form. Reports may be submitted anonymously. Please know that if a report is submitted anonymously, an investigation and university response may be limited without adequate information.

Reports can also be made by contacting the Office of Equity & Inclusion by phone at 651-793-1270 or by email at or Additionally, reports and concerns can be reported by contacting any of the following individuals:

Report an incident of discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation

Complete the embedded complaint form and submit to the Office of Equity and Inclusion at

Reports can also be made by contacting the Office of Equity & Inclusion by phone at 651-793-1270 or by email at or Additionally, reports and concerns can be reported by contacting any of the following individuals:

Report to law enforcement

If the incident included illegal acts and you have not yet filed a police report, the University strongly encourages reporting to law enforcement in the city where the actions took place and can assist you in reaching the police. Complainants are also strongly encouraged to report promptly in order to best preserve evidence for a potential legal or disciplinary proceeding.

Report to state or federal agency

You have the right to file a complaint with a state or federal enforcement agency, including the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights.

Minnesota Department of Education

U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights
Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Building 400 Maryland Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20202‐1100

Telephone: 800‐421‐3481
Fax: 202‐453‐6012; TDD: 800‐877‐8339 Email:

Anonymous reporting

Should an individual choose to report an incident, they have the option to report anonymously. To make an anonymous report use the online report form. This form is intended for use by students, employees, faculty, visitors or other concerned individuals to anonymously or informally report information related to incident(s) of sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/intimate partner/relationship violence and/or stalking). Please know that should you choose to report anonymously the university may be limited in its response and ability to conduct an investigation without adequate information.

Confidential resources

Please know that our office is not a confidential resource. If you would like to speak to a confidential resource regarding your experience or the experience of a friend or loved one, there are confidential resources available to you on and off‐campus. They can assist you in learning about reporting options, assist you in processing your experience, answer questions, connect you to other resources, and support you through the reporting process (should you choose to file a report). You can find a list of confidential resources on our resources page.

Formal complaint

If you believe you have experienced protected class‐based discrimination or harassment or sexual violence (sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/intimate partner/dating violence, and/or stalking) and would like the university to conduct and inquiry and/or investigation into the matter, you may file a formal complaint. Complaints can be student to student, employee to student, student to employee, employee to employee, and non‐students or non‐employees. If you wish to file a formal complaint, please use any of the methods described above to report an incident and an investigator will reach out to you to begin the process of filing a formal complaint. Please know that you do not need to decide to file a formal complaint before reporting an incident with our office and that you may also withdraw a complaint. We welcome the opportunity to meet with individuals share our process for conducting inquiries and investigations.

Individuals who are required to report

There are a number of individuals on our campus who are required by state or federal law and/or Minnesota State system policy to make reports. Administrators and supervisors are required to report allegations of discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence. Anyone who is designated as a Campus Security Authority (CSA) under the Clery Act is required to report instances of sexual harassment and sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator. Additionally, if someone is considered a mandatory reported under state law they are required to report abuse and neglect of a child or vulnerable adult to law enforcement. Although some members of our campus community are required to make reports, we encourage all members of our community to make reports. Please know that if you personally experienced discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual violence you are not required to report your own experience.