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Confidential campus resources*

Information shared with confidential offices/departments take in information confidentially and do not share or report the information to other offices and/or departments.

*Confidential resource means that the information shared will not become part of an educational/employment record unless there is a legal or ethical exception to confidentiality that is met.

Student Counseling Services

  • Student Counseling Services

    651.793.1568, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 221
    *Support line available 24/7

    • Offers individual and group counseling sessions/workshops in many areas including: Interpersonal relationships, Stress and time management, Social/sexual difficulties, Grief and loss, Emotional issues, Eating concerns, Academic concerns, Conflict resolution
    • Services are free of charge to students

Title IX Confidential Resource and Advocate

Shadow Rolan, coordinator for Women's and LGBTQIA+ Students, Title IX confidential resource and advocate

Founders Hall 140


Non-confidential campus resources

When information is shared with offices or departments that are considered non-confidential, they may be required to report the information they receive to other Metro State offices or departments, including but not limited to Public Safety and Security and the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

  • Alcohol and drug abuse prevention program

    Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hal Rooml 221

    This program provides information and resources to help university community members make responsible choices regarding alcohol and illicit drugs.

  • American Indian Student Services

    651.793.1543, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall second floor

    American Indian Student Services (AISS) recognizes the tremendous importance of focused recruitment and retention efforts geared towards urban and reservation American Indian students.

    AISS provides culturally appropriate student support services designed to enhance the academic, personal, and professional success of American Indian students.

  • Black, African, and African American Support Services

    651.793.1541, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 235


    African and African American Student Services is an office within the Student Affairs division. It was created with the principal responsibility of providing student services to this community. Their mission is to facilitate the academic success of incoming, current, and graduating African and African American students by providing inclusive retention services, as well as connecting them to university and community resources.

  • Asian American Student Services

    651.793.1543, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall second floor

    Asian American Student Services assist students by helping them balance life and education, navigate personal challenges, and continue to persist and graduate.

  • Collegiate Recovery Program

    651.793.1549, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 228
    Midway Center Room F


    The Collegiate Recovery Program provides support and resources for students who have challenges with substance use or other behavioral addictions. We also support students working toward long-term recovery to increase overall well-being and meet educational, professional, and personal goals.

  • Dean of Students Office

    651.793.1507, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 228


    The Dean of Students Office in Student Affairs aims to advance the academic, professional, and personal success of students through culturally enriching experiences, student leadership opportunities, advocacy, counseling, and essential enrollment services.

  • Food for Thought Food Pantry

    651.793.1571, Saint Paul Campus, St. John’s Hall Room L10

    We are committed to providing a safe process for our staff and students and to ensuring that students will still have access to food during this time. Students that need food help can schedule an emergency food pick-up at our Saint Paul Campus Library and Learning Center. Please schedule an appointment to pick up food here:

  • Employee Assistance Program

    1.800.657.3719 or 651.259.3840

    *Support line available 24/7
    Chat available, text “Hello” to 61295

    • Confidential and culturally sensitive counselors
    • Provides up to six free counseling sessions for you and your family per person, per year, per topic
    • Makes referrals and helps to connect resources within your community
    • Assistance with other concerns such as childcare and elder care, and legal and financial assistance.
  • Human Resources

    651.793.1275, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 305


    This department is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the university's commitment to quality by:

    • Helping to attract, retain and develop a diverse group of highly competent and committed employees.
    • Providing information and advice on benefits, compensation and collective bargaining agreements.
    • Fostering an atmosphere of respect for the dignity of every individual who works for the university or who comes to us for service.
  • International Student Services

    651.793.1315, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 228


    The mission of International Student Services is to provide high quality advising and counseling assistance in academic, immigration, cultural, financial, and personal issues for international students and their dependents. We are dedicated to offering excellent service as the primary link between international students, the university, the community, and the federal government.

  • Latinx and Undocumented Student Support Services

    651.793.1308, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 240D


    Our commitment to serving the undocumented and Latinx communities stem from personal experiences and the stories that other students have shared with us. The goal is to empower students by providing them with safe spaces and resources that can help them thrive and meet their fullest potential.

  • Public Safety and Security

    651.793.1717 or 651.775.0444, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 321


    The Safety and Security Office provides a safe, secure environment for all members of the community.

    • By calling campus security, students and staff can report an incident of sexual violence, discrimination, or harassment.
    • Connect students and staff to other law enforcement officials and medical professionals
    • Provide 24/7 security escort to and from any University building and parking lot
    • Receives Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders to assist students and staff in maintaining personal safety
  • Student Parent Center

    651.793.1564, Saint Paul Campus, St. John's Hall Room L14


    The Student Parent Center seeks to provide support and to connect currently enrolled students and their families with campus and community resources to ease obstacles that may be interfering with their education.

  • Veteran Services

    651.793.1561, Saint Paul Campus Founders Hall Room 201


    The Veterans and Military Student Services Department exists to help ensure that your benefits are accessed and used properly while attending Metro State. We pave the way for a successful transition into a higher education environment by connecting you with the resources and support needed to make your time at Metro State a successful one.

  • Women's and LGBTQ Student Services

    651.793.1544, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 140


    • Provide referrals to community organizations related to women’s and LGBTQ+ issues including domestic violence, birth control, STIs, hormone therapy, counseling, etc.
    • Offer confidential advocacy and information about academic, legal, medical, and emotional resources for those who have experienced sex, gender, gender identity/expression, and sexual orientation discrimination, as well as survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.

Local, Regional, and National Resources

In addition to resources that are available off‐campus, there are several local, regional, and national resources, both confidential and non‐confidential, that are available to students and employees. These resources offer support to individuals with concerns including sexual violence, food insecurity, housing insecurity, health assistance, mental health services, and more.

Off-campus local confidential resources

Other local resources