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CYBR 521 Programming and Scripting

This remediation course provides students with an overview of higher-level and low-level programming concepts. Specifically, C, assembly programming languages and scripting using python are discussed. Python scripting topics cover Boolean logic and Numeric Data Types, Strings, Text Files, Lists, and Dictionaries. programming structures, pointers, arrays, structure types. The students will learn how to writing and compiling c programs. The course covers how to write and debug assembly programs and utilize assembly instructions. The classes incorporate lecture with hands-on programming exercises, tests for student self-evaluation. This preparation course does not count towards credits in the graduate or undergraduate levels.


Special information

First day attendance is mandatory.
2 Graduate credits

Effective May 4, 2021 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Differentiate between different high-level and low-level programming languages
  • Write and interpret python scripts
  • utilize python related data types such as Strings, Text Files, Lists, and Dictionaries
  • Recognize how to use the C compiler to develop C programs
  • List and differentiate C basic and derived types
  • Perform basic I/O operations using assembly
  • utilize common assembly instructions such as MOV, ADD, SUB, INC, DEC, INT instructions.