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HSFS 370 Sexuality and the Family

This course explores sexual values and behaviors as they are developed and expressed across the life cycle of the family in different social cultural contexts. Students will examine human sexuality in the context of family relationships and dynamics while also learning to identify and evaluate effective programs, strategies, and materials for sexuality education. The course focuses on such topics as family planning, pregnancy and childbirth, gender identity and roles, sexual function and dysfunction, sexual pleasure, sexual variation, sexual orientation, sexuality and disability, sexuality and chronic disease, and sexual development. The course content and practice skills will satisfy a requirement for Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credentialing.


Special information

Corequisite: HSFS 143 The Family: A Social/Psychological Exploration
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 9, 2015 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Knowledge of basic biological aspects of human sexuality
  • Understanding of the complex nature of social and psychological aspects of sexual involvement as experienced across the lifespan;
  • Understanding of the dynamics of sexual attraction and intimacy
  • Ability to evaluate diverse cultural values, decision-making, and methods as they relate to healthy sexual relationships across the family lifespan
  • Understanding of how social protective and risk factors may impact the experience of sexuality;
  • Ability to critically assess the diverse cultural, social, and economic influences on sexual experience in the family;
  • Ability to critically assess and apply effective strategies and curricula for sexuality education.
  • Skill in teaching diverse populations about sexuality

Fall 2024

Section Title Instructor books eservices
01 Sexuality and the Family Preston, Marilyn Jean Books for HSFS-370-01 Fall 2024 Course details for HSFS-370-01 Fall 2024