WRIT 251

Introduction to Creative Writing

3 Undergraduate credits
Effective August 1, 1998 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course provides an introduction to the elements of writing short fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Students learn a variety of approaches to creative writing in a cooperative class environment.

Learning outcomes


  • Analyze voice and tone in writing.
  • Demonstrate original, creative writing.
  • Demonstrates clearer, more effective writing through the process of revision.
  • Describe and appreciate works in the arts and humanities as expressions of individual and collective values within an intellectual, cultural, historical and social context.
  • Develop an appreciation for the pleasure of writing creatively in both prose and poetic form.
  • Explore intellectually the ideas expressed in works in the arts and humanities.
  • Interpret and respond critically to works from various cultures in the arts and humanities.
  • Locate, evaluate, and synthesize in a responsible manner material from diverse sources and points of view.
  • Participate effectively in groups with emphasis on listening, critical and reflective thinking, and responding.
  • Understand that writing offers a human connection through intelligible language.
  • Understand/demonstrate the writing process through convention, organization, drafting, revision, editing and presentation.
  • Use authority, point-of-view, and individual voice and style in writing and speaking.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

Goal 6: The Humanities and Fine Arts

  • Demonstrate awareness of the scope and variety of works in the arts and humanities.
  • Understand those works as expressions of individual and human values within a historical and social context.
  • Respond critically to works in the arts and humanities.
  • Engage in the creative process or interpretive performance.
  • Articulate an informed personal reaction to works in the arts and humanities.