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Public information requests for Directory Information may be made by contacting Gateway or sending an email message to Records. The only information that can be provided without student consent is the outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, University Policy #1040 and is as follows:

  1. Student's name(s)
  2. Major field of study
  3. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  4. Dates of attendance
  5. Most recent previous educational institution attended
  6. Grade level or enrollment status (e.g., undergraduate/graduate; full time or part time)
  7. Degrees, honors and awards received
  8. Date of graduation
  9. Height and weight of members of athletic teams

Notice to Students about Directory Information

Students may direct that any or all of the above-listed Directory Information be withheld from public disclosure by notifying the Registrar by submitting the form. Currently enrolled students should notify the Records Office by the fifth day of the term.