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Class visits

Tutoring staff across all subject areas are available to conduct 10-20 min class visits in any synchronous online course. Tutors will explain how students can register for an account, book a tutorial, and access their session. They can also describe how to use tutorials effectively and answer questions from students and instructors. To set up a class visit, use our online form.

Tutoring and Testing Services guidelines on tutorial support for exams

For a student to receive direct tutorial support on an exam, an instructor must provide written confirmation that tutoring is specifically allowed for that exam. Instructors can convey such permission in an email to, on the exam instructions, or on the syllabus.

Note: students are always welcome to review an already-graded exam with a tutor.

Tutoring and Testing Services guidelines on mandatory tutorials

Tutoring and Testing Services cannot accommodate mandated/required visits. The influx of students resulting from such requirements creates schedule bottlenecks near due dates and impedes other students’ access.

We collaborate with faculty to create sustainable ways for students to use our services. We appreciate faculty advocacy for our tutoring services. We are happy to consult with faculty in designing alternative strategies for engaging students’ use of Tutoring and Testing Services, such as providing incentives with extra credit for participating in a tutorial and then submitting a brief paragraph that reflects on lessons learned during the session.