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Tutors in math, science, computer science, and business courses can help you understand the concepts and practice the skills you need to succeed in your courses. In-person tutorials, Zoom sessions, drop-off question support, and drop-in tutoring help you solve tough problems and become more confident learners.

Remote video URL

Zoom Sessions

What is it?

Zoom sessions use audio, video and interactive multimedia to allow the tutor and student to discuss the assignment live.

How does it work?

Zoom sessions are collaborative. Students can use screen-sharing to share their materials, work on concepts, and solve problems in real time. Tutors provide guidance, questions, modeling, and resources to help students learn.

How do I get a Zoom tutorial?

Log in to WCOnline and select Schedule 02 Computer Sci/Business/Math/Sciences. Input your information, select an available tutorial, and complete the appointment form. Optionally, attach your assignment and assignment instructions or materials.

What technology do I need to use a Zoom tutorial?

Zoom sessions require a device with a stable internet connection, a working microphone, and optionally, a working camera.

What should I bring to my tutorial?

Have your questions or assignment, assignment instructions, and any readings, lecture notes & slides or other resources you’re using available when you begin your session on Zoom.

Drop-off Questions

What is it?

Rather than meeting with a tutor, for drop-off question tutoring support, you submit the work you’ve done along with your question.

A tutor will spend up to 15 minutes crafting a response, which will be emailed back to you as a file attachment within 24 hours of your submission (pending normal working hours and schedule).

When should I use drop-off question tutoring support?

This format is best for when you been working on something, but keep getting stuck, need a nudge in the right direction, or can't seem to get past an error code. The tutor needs to see your work to help you progress!

What are some examples of questions I could ask?
  • Math: I am working through this problem, but keep getting the wrong answer! Where am I going wrong? I’ll upload a picture of my work so far.
  • Chemistry: I am working on the POST LAB for Lab 4, and I'm not sure if I have calculated the Thiocyanate concentration correctly. Can you take a look at my calculations and see if I am on the right track?
  • Computer Science: I receive a runtime error on my code and can’t figure out what the problem is. I’ve attached my code and assignment here.
  • Business: My Excel sheet isn’t working right, I’m trying to follow the assignment instructions but the output is mixed up. Where am I going wrong? My assignment and Excel file are attached.

Other STEM Services

Other resources for STEM+ subjects vary from semester to semester and by subject.

Drop-In Computer Science Tutoring

Lead and Embed Tutoring

  • Available in select math, science, computer science, and business courses each semester
  • Specific tutors are linked to or participate in courses and class activities and host weekly drop-in study groups
  • Check your course syllabus or contact your instructor to learn if lead or embed tutors are available for your class