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Parking Citation Appeals

Anyone who receives a citation can send an appeal to the Parking Operations Coordinator through the online appeal system. Individuals who do not have access to the system or a computer can get a paper appeal form from the Campus Security office located on the first floor of Founders Hall. The completed paper form must be returned to the Parking Operations Coordinator, on the first floor of the parking ramp tower. The appeal will be presented to the Parking Committee to determine the outcome of the appeal. All appeal decisions are final. 
To appeal a parking violation, follow the link: Parking Citation Appeal Request. The next webpage will provide a brief overview of the appeal process. On this page there will be a blue tab labeled “Request Service”; clicking on this tab will bring you to the appeal form.
  • Fill out the appeal form completely, forms not filled out completely may be rejected
  • Note that your statement on the appeal form is your opportunity to tell the appeals committee why your citation should be dismissed or to have special circumstances taken into consideration regarding the outcome of your citation
The following are possible outcomes of a citation appeal:
  • VOID—the citation is dismissed and no further action is needed by the citation holder
  • Warning—the citation is dismissed but the appeals committee wants the appellant to have additional information regarding the citation. No further action is needed by the citation holder.
  • Pay Half—the citation was found to be valid but special circumstances were found to be valid warranting a reduction in the fine amount
  • Pay Full—the citation issued was found to be valid and the appellant must pay the full amount of the fine.
All appeal decisions are final.

For any assistance needed regarding your citation or the appeals process, contact Parking Operations Coordinator Tom Torgerud by email or phone at 651-793-1731 (desk) or 651-368-4149 (cell).