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What class should I take first?

MGMT 600 - Practical Research Methods for Managers is the required first course for all MBA students.

What prerequisite courses are required?

Financial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Statistics. If you take MBA Math and reach minimum proficiency in each STATS lessons, the Statistics prerequisite is waived. The College of Management admissions committee may require prerequisite courses over five years old be taken again prior to full admission. A letter grade of "C-" or above must be earned in prerequisite courses.

Do I have to take the GMAT? What are the GMAT score requirements?

You may choose to take either the official GMAT or MBA Math. If you take the GMAT, you must achieve a quantitative score equal to or greater than the 40th percentile to be considered for the MBA program. If you don?t reach the 40th percentile, you can retake the GMAT or you can enroll in MBA Math. If you choose MBA Math, you must reach the minimum level of proficiency for each of the lessons

Here are some important differences between the GMAT and MBA Math so you can determine which is best for you:



MBA Math


Cost (as of January 2016)


$129 (with promotional code)

Cost to retake


No charge

Statistics prerequisite waived  


Yes, if minimum proficiency is met for each statistics lesson

Estimated completion time

3.5 hours  


IMPORTANT: Meeting the minimum requirements for GMAT or MBA Math does not guarantee admission into the MBA program. The committee also evaluates your undergraduate GPA, work experience, the quality of your admissions essay, and two letters of reference.