General tips

Required for all College of Management majors

  • Required writing courses
  • General Education and Liberal Studies (GELS)
  • College Algebra
  • Foundation and Business Core courses
  • Major Required courses
  • Major Elective courses
  • MGMT 499: Case Studies in Strategic Management

Required writing courses should be taken before any upper division courses in your general education, liberal studies, or your major. Because many upper division courses are writing-intensive, improving your writing skills will help you to be more successful in those courses.

General Education and Liberal Studies (GELS) requirements do not need to be completed before you begin taking major courses. Although taking several GELS courses early in your program, including all writing courses is a good idea, it may be helpful to save some GELS courses to take later in your major. You can then use GELS courses to fill out your course load during semesters when your major courses are not offered.

College Algebra is an important prerequisite for many Business Administration courses. It is important to take your math assessment, if required, to find out if you are prepared for College Algebra, or if you need a preparatory course.

The Foundation and Business Core courses are similar for most majors. You can compare each College of Management major and the required courses to determine which major you prefer. If you know you want to be in the College of Management, but are unsure which major is right for you, you have a few semesters to take the Foundation and Business Core courses before choosing. You don't have to decide on a specific major until you begin taking Major Required courses. The Foundation and Business Core courses have multiple sections offered every term.

Foundation courses required for most majors

  • MATH 115 College Algebra
  • STAT 201 Statistics I
  • ACCT 210 Financial Accounting
  • ECON 201 Macroeconomics
  • ECON 202 Microeconomics
  • MIS 100 Fundamentals of Information Technology in Organizations

Business core courses required for most majors

  • DSCI 434 Introduction to Operations Management
  • FIN 390 Principles of Finance
  • MGMT 310 Management Principles and Practices
  • MIS 310 Principles of Management Information Systems
  • MKTG 300 Marketing Principles

Many upper division required major courses are only offered once or twice a year, or every other year, and only one section is available. Plan ahead for when you will take the upper division courses and make certain all your prerequisites are completed in sequence before taking the advanced subsequent course.

Major Electives

Major electives for the Business Administration major can be chosen from all areas in the College of Management. Choose elective courses in areas that interest you or in areas where you would like to focus. Here is a list of areas to choose from for your electives.

  • Accounting (ACCT)
  • Business Law (BLAW)
  • Decision Sciences (DSCI)
  • Economics (ECON)
  • Finance (FIN)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • International Business (IBUS)
  • Management (MGMT)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Marketing (MKTG)
  • Philosophy 320 only: Business Ethics (PHIL)

For other majors, be sure to review your Major Requirement Checklist or Major Course Sequence for appropriate major electives.


Mgmt 499: Case Studies in Strategic Management should be taken during your senior year. This capstone course requires that you apply knowledge gained from previous course work. Students who have not completed all prerequisites for Mgmt 499 are dropped from the course.