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Management advising

Welcome to the College of Management! We are excited to assist you as you complete your academic program. We have numerous resources available as you plan out your degree program.

Graduate Advising

Your Advisor's name and contact information is on the Degree Audit Report. Login to eServices, click Academic Records, Degree Audit, Request a Degree Audit, Run Declared Programs, and View Audit.

Undergraduate Advising

  • First and foremost, your academic advisor is a key resource to help you navigate degree requirements, registration, policies, procedures, and online systems. Establishing a good relationship with your academic advisor will be important to ensuring your needs as a student are being met in the College of Management (COM).
  • Second, there are many available resources online, including information on registration, important dates and deadlines, major and minor programs, how to complete waiver exams, and additional advising services.
  • Third, your Advisor's name and contact information is on the Degree Audit Report. Click Academic Records, Degree Audit, Request a Degree Audit, Run Declared Programs, and View Audit.

We encourage you to use the web site as a primary resource to get your questions answered and find the information you need about your degree program. If you have further questions, please contact your assigned academic advisor. If you haven’t been assigned an academic advisor, or your academic advisor is out of the office for an extended period, you may contact the College of Management Advising Center.

Newly Admitted Students

Newly admitted College of Management undergraduate students are assigned to work with a professional academic advisor before they declare their major. Professional academic advisors are full-time advisors in the College of Management.

Completing the online New Student Orientation (required) and the College of Management’s online Student College Orientation Planning Experience (SCOPE) will help you understand the requirements, resources and strategies needed to complete your College of management degree successfully.

Assigning an Academic Advisor and Major Declaration

As a new student to Metropolitan State or transferring to COM from within the university, you will be assigned an academic advisor in COM. Once your academic advisor has been assigned, you will receive a welcome letter, via email, indicating who your academic advisor is, their contact information, and important steps to take as a new student to COM.

As a new COM student, your major is Pre-business. You will be eligible to officially declare your major after completing the Major & Academic Program Planning (MAPP) workshop in D2L. The MAPP workshop will provide you an opportunity to explore and connect your career goals with your major and co-create a degree plan with your academic advisor. You will be enrolled in the MAPP workshop during your first semester.

After you officially declare your major, you will also be assigned a faculty advisor in addition to your academic advisor. Your academic advisor and faculty advisor will work together to support you through the remainder of your degree program.

You should contact your academic advisor when:

  • you need a registration override or have a registration system question,
  • you have questions about your academic standing,
  • you need to connect to other campus resources, and
  • you make changes to your degree plan, if necessary.

You should contact your faculty advisor when:

  • you have questions about curriculum context and major course planning,
  • you want to discuss course-taking strategies, especially within your major program,
  • you have questions about working through instructor or course concerns, and
  • you have questions about your career pathway or internship opportunities.

Your faculty advisor will also partner with your academic advisor to support you through any conflicts or concerns during your program, adjust your degree plan if necessary, and connect you with career resources.

Metro State Email Account

Activating your Metro State email account is important since it is the official form of communication between you and the university (University E-mail Policy 1050). Due to data privacy, advisors cannot email or respond to personal email addresses. See your admission packet for instructions on activating your student email address.