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CLEP Exams

The College of Management accepts CLEP exams for the following courses:


  • Acct 210 Financial Accounting
  • Econ 201 Macroeconomics
  • Econ 202 Microeconomics
  • MIS 100 Fundamentals of IT in Organizations (five (5) year sunset policy applies)
  • Math 115 College Algebra
  • Math 120 Precalculus (Economics majors)
  • Math 210 Calculus I (Economics majors)


  • Mgmt 310 Principles of Management
  • Mktg 300 Marketing Principles

Major Required

  • BLaw 320 Legal Environment of Organizations

Students must score at least 50 on the exam to satisfy the course requirement.

COM courses Acct 210 and MIS 100 are 4 credit courses, however, Acct 210 and MIS 100 CLEP exams are awarded 3 credits, upon passing. The credit difference is important to note as it may impact your total credit count.

To determine course transferability, check More information regarding CLEP can be found on the CLEP website.

If you have questions regarding taking a CLEP exam, contact your assigned academic advisor.