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Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management

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The College of Management and its programs are accredited by the Baccalaureate and Graduate Degree Board of Commissioners of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

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The Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management programs within Metropolitan State University’s College of Management all focus on creating strategic and effective organizations. From a strategy perspective, the programs will increase your ability to make recommendations that will lead to a competitive advantage for your firm, whether it is a new venture or an established business. 

Organizational effectiveness is emphasized through understanding employee and team behaviors, such as innovation, communication and collaboration skills, all of which contribute to success. Learn how to lead a firm through the use of appropriate organization, planning, and processes to execute strategic initiatives.


Do you want a dynamic and challenging career in ever-changing economic and global conditions? Then the Management area is for you. All organizations need competent managers and the demand for people with strong leadership skills is expected to remain high. In our programs, you will acquire the organizational, communication and critical thinking skills necessary for implementing management responsibilities. Students in this area learn about the functional areas of organizations and how the external environment influences managerial practices. Attention is focused on the increasingly dynamic and culturally diverse organizational environments in which management decisions are made. The BS in Business Administration and the BAS in Organizational Administration provide a broad experience and allow you to take electives in your interest area. The BS in Management provides more depth, particularly in areas such as project and quality management. The Minor in Business Administration is offered for students who are not majoring in a business area, but want to develop basic business skills.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Do you want to build your dream with the knowledge, skills, experience, and career opportunities offered in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation curriculum? Whether your dream is to start a business, launch a career as an innovative manager within an existing organization, support a family business, become a franchisee or build your inner leadership skills, this innovative mindset will help you achieve your economic and personal goals. If you are interested in creating prosperity, living a life of meaning, as well as supporting a social mission, entrepreneurship is the field for you. Additionally, the growth of interest in supporting and funding underserved populations interested in business start-ups, scale-ups, business purchases, or consulting creates opportunities for you that are unique to our BS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The department also offers a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation that can be paired with any major in the University to help students from all fields develop innovation skills and understand how to create new ventures.

Human Resource Management

Do you want a professional career working with people in a business, government, or nonprofit organization? One where you can contribute to a better work life for people in these organizations? HR professionals partner with the management team to ensure that an organization effectively utilizes employees to accomplish its mission and goals. Together the HR professional staff and managers make strategic choices about work design, recruiting, hiring, termination, performance appraisal, training and development, compensation and benefits, employee rights, unions, safety and health, and a myriad of other employee related issues. The human resource departments across organizations have been growing in size and importance due to expanding legal regulations, rapidly changing technology, rising health care costs, projected labor shortages, and global workforce issues. This has resulted in job prospects in this field remaining strong. Our BS in HRM major prepares you for working as a HRM professional and we also offer a minor in HRM for students in other majors who wish to prepare themselves for effectively supervising people in future leadership/management positions.

First Day Student Advantage

Dedicated to finding innovative solutions to support lower student costs and an easier course on-boarding process, the College of Management has implemented a new product called First Day®. This Barnes & Noble College’s inclusive access model provides students with discounted first-day-of class access to their required course materials as part of their tuition or fees. This model offers high-quality digital learning solutions, convenience and ease, delivers affordable options and supports academic success by ensuring every student is prepared on or before the first day of class. Additional information regarding First Day.

Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management Programs