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Game Marketing Expert

About The Program

This interdisciplinary certificate, Game Marketing Expert, is designed for anyone who wants to create their own games or work on the business, publishing, or marketing side of the games industry. Students will learn the principles and processes that go into writing a marketing report and go through the process with their own game (or as part of a group, if desired). Students will gain skills and abilities in team building and leadership, critical thinking, visual design, problem solving, giving feedback, keeping ideas fluent, working towards commercial success of a product, and communicating with peers, supervisors, and users.

Student outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of core marketing concepts and of the overall marketing process 
  • Apply concepts related to publishing and selling a video game such as pitching, review copies, crowdfunding, influencers, cross-promotional marketing materials, the basics of a marketing plan, and game conventions

Courses and Requirements


Course Requirements

This production-focused course explores aspects of publishing, marketing, and sales that are crucial or unique to successful video and tabletop game launches. Topics covered include game-related marketing strategies such as: community building, crowdfunding, basic social media marketing, game pitches, gaming for good, indie studios, game journalism/ethics, review copy protocol, live game events, player sponsorship, and Twitch. Group work is a major part of this course, though exceptions can be given.

Full course description for Publishing and Selling Your Game

This course surveys factors that marketing managers take into account when creating a marketing plan, including consumer behavior principles, market segmentation, product life cycle, packaging, branding, pricing, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, product distribution methods and key laws affecting marketing practices. The course takes a practical approach to explaining how to identify marketing objectives and determine strategies for reaching them. It is useful to general business students, students who plan marketing management or marketing communications careers and those who wish to be better informed consumers. This course is also offered online. Prerequisite: Goal 1 writing requirement plus 30 credits must be satisfied.

Full course description for Marketing Principles