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Engagement awards

The university president and academic leadership emphasize the importance of community engagement to the university mission by elevating and recognizing faculty, students and community partners.

Community Engagement Leadership Award

This award recognizes an individual or group for extraordinary leadership in advancing Metro State’s commitment to community partnerships and civic engagement through curriculum, teaching, scholarship, and service. Nominations are accepted via the Human Resources Department from mid-February through mid-March. The award is presented as part of Metro State’s annual Outstanding Employee Award Ceremony in late spring. The award was formerly called the Community Engaged Scholarship Award.

Past Recipients of the Community Engagement Leadership Award

2020 – Adrienne Falcón, Public and Nonprofit Leadership
2019 – Jodi Bantley, Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship
2018 – Yvonne RB Banks, School of Urban Education
2017 – Nicholas Hartlep, School of Urban Education
2016 – Faisal Kaleem, Information and Computer Science
2015 – Faculty of the Arts: James Byrne, Ed Bok Lee, Alison McGhee, David Means, Erica Rasmussen, Gail Smogard
2014 – Maythee Kantar, School of Communication, Writing and the Arts
2013 – Social Work Department
2012 – Susan Spring Shumer, Center for Community-Based Learning
2010 – College of Nursing and Health Sciences faculty members: Joyce Bredesen, Cecelia Erickson, Ruth Stauss and Americorps*VISTA member, Ruth Aufderheide
2009 – Frank Schweigert, College of Management
2008 – Tom O’Connell, College of Arts and Sciences
2007 – Wilson Bradshaw, President Metropolitan State University
2006 – Darcel Hill, Advisor, Human Services
2005 – CWA faculty, College of Arts and Sciences
2004 – Roger Israel, College of Management
2003 – Sharon Rice Vaughan, College of Professional Studies

Iowa & Minnesota Campus Compact Presidents’ Awards

Awardees are selected each year by the President or Chancellor of each member campus recognizing outstanding accomplishments in three categories: Student Leadership, Civic Engagement Leadership, and Community Partnership. Nominations are accepted via the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship between mid-December and late January. The awards are presented as part of Iowa & Minnesota Campus Compact’s Annual Summit in late spring. Visit the Iowa & Minnesota Campus Compact website for full details of awards criteria along with more information on current and past awardees.

Presidents' Civic Engagement Steward Award

Awarded to a member of the faculty, administration, or staff or a group that has significantly advanced their campus’ distinctive civic mission by forming strong partnerships, supporting others’ civic and community engagement, and working to institutionalize a culture and practice of engagement.

Past Recipients of the Civic Engagement Steward Award

2023 – Dr. Debra Eardley, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

2022 – Jennifer DeJonghe, Library and Information Services

2021 – Roberta Gibbons, Human Services

2020 – August Hoffman, Psychology

2019 – Michael O'Connor, College of Management

2018 – Kathleen Cole, Social Science

2017 – The Coalition to Increase Teachers of Color and American Indian Teachers in Minnesota

2016 – Raj Sethuraju, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

2015 – Virginia Card, Natural Sciences

2014 – The Gender and Sexuality Student Services Office (GSSSO) and Lavender Bridge (the LGBTQIA student organization)

2013 – American Indian Advisory Committee

2012 – College of Nursing and Health Sciences

2011 – Faculty Work Group for the Center for Community-Based Learning

2010 – Center for Community-Based Learning: Community Action and Civic Engagement

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award

Awarded to an individual student or a student organization that models a deep commitment to civic responsibility and leadership, evidenced by initiative, innovative and collaborative approaches to addressing public issues, effective community building, and integration of civic engagement into the college experience.

Past Recipients of the Student Leadership Award

2023 – Andre Anderson

2022 – Keno Evo

2021 – Lucia Rivas

2020 – Hamisha Alkamooneh

2019 – Julie Chau

2018 – Sharon Brooks

2017 – ICES Student Program Coordinators

2016 – Metropolitan State Student Senate

2015 – Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement student organization

2014 – Nathaniel (Nate) Jones

2013 – Christopher Nguyen

2012 – Political Affairs Committee of the Student Senate: Chair, Dea Price, Brian Wermerskrichen, Angi Daus, Diane Poss and Rob Loomer

2011 – Jahan Powell

Presidents’ Community Partner Award

Awarded to a community-based individual or organization that has enhanced the quality of life in the community in meaningful and measurable ways and has engaged in the development of sustained, reciprocal partnerships with the college or university, thus enriching educational as well as community outcomes.

Past Recipients of the Community Partner Award

2023 – Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC)

2022 – Urban Roots

2021 – SCORE Minnesota

2020 – Parents in Community Action, Inc – Head Start

2019 – Community Mediation and Restorative Services, Inc.

2018 – Hmong American Farmers Association

2017 – Augustana Open Circle, Mark Rosen, Program Coordinator

2016 – In Progress

2015 – East Side Area Business Association

2014 – Ronald M. Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning

2013 – Dayton’s Bluff Community Council

2012 – First Lutheran Church: Love Grows Here

2011 – Dayton’s Bluff Elementary

2010 – Saint Paul Public Library

Newman Civic Fellowship

The Newman Civic Fellowship recognizes and supports community-committed students who are changemakers and public problem-solvers at Campus Compact member institutions. Fellows are nominated by their president or chancellor on the basis of their potential for public leadership.

Metropolitan State Newman Civic Fellows

2021 – Cassandra Macedo
2020 – Stephanie Gasca

Promotion and tenure

With its Faculty Work Group, Community Engagement developed a framework for integrating community-engaged scholarship into Promotion and Tenure criteria, providing a tool to assist faculty in preparing professional development plans and promotion and tenure documentation.