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Past due accounts

By completing registration for any semester, you agree to the financial responsibility for all charges on your student account. You promise to pay Metropolitan State University the full amount of the obligation by the due date. Furthermore, you agree to pay any and all costs, including collection, attorney, and litigation costs incurred by Metropolitan State University in efforts to collect, should you default on your account charges.

Holds and late fees

An outstanding balance from prior terms must be paid in full before a student will be allowed to register, obtain official transcripts, or to receive their diploma. A late fee of $30.00 and a unpaid balance hold will be placed on the student's account until all past due amounts have been paid. Holds are removed once your outstanding balance is paid in full.

Past due payment plan

Students can contact accounts receivable to request a Past Due Payment Plan. Please keep in mind that by setting up this payment plan it will not remove the holds from your account until the balance is paid in full, so you would not be able to register for classes until you have paid your balance in full.

  • A 25% down payment is due at the time you sign up
  • Nelnet assess a $24 enrollment fee per plan. Fee is non-refundable
  • Business office holds will NOT be removed from your account during the installment payment period and therefore no additional registrations will occur.
  • Any default in any installment payments will result in agreement termination and immediate referral to the MN Dept. of Revenue for collections.
  • You will have 3-6 months to make installment payments
  • Students who remain current in making installment payments will not be referred to collections.

This payment plan is for past due balances only. For current term payment plans please sign up through your student e-Services account.

Collection referral

Unpaid account balances remaining at the close of the semester are subject to referral for collection to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, as outlined within Minnesota State Procedure 7.6.2. 

If a student is referred to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, collection costs can be assessed up to 25% of the debt owed. This is allowable under Minnesota Statue, section 16D.11.

If you do not pay the balance due within 120 days, we will refer your debt to the Minnesota Department of Revenue's Collection Division. By law (MN Statute section 16D.11), the Department of Revenue can assess up to 25 percent in collection costs to cover the costs of collecting your debt. You may request cancellation of the collection cost, under certain conditions, as provided by MN Statute section 16D.11, subdivision 3.

Interest will be charged pursuant to MN Statute 16D.13.CDMDR is authorized by Minnesota law to take the following actions to collect your debt:

  • Obtain a judgment against you
  • Garnish your wages
  • Levy your bank account
  • Issue subpoenas
  • Seize your property
  • Offset your state tax refund, lottery winnings, or vendor payment
  • Revoke or deny renewal of a professional license you may have
  • Report you to a credit bureau
  • Access non-public government data about you to collect this debt

To avoid these consequences and penalties, make prompt, full payments to Financial Management at Metropolitan State University by the payment deadline. Your account will also be turned over to the Minnesota Department of Revenue for collection under the Revenue Recapture Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 270A. According to this statute, if you have a tax refund due to you, the amount of our claim will be deducted from your refund and paid to the university. In addition, the State of Minnesota will claim a $15 fee from your refund. You have the right to contest the validity of our claim. To contest the validity of our claim, you must submit a written request to the address below within 30 days from the date of a final notice. If you repay the amount due, we will stop the collection proceedings. Please make checks payable to Metropolitan State University and remit to the address below. If you have any questions about your debt you should email us at or write us at:

Metropolitan State University
Financial Management
700 East Seventh Street, FH 329 
Saint Paul, MN 55106-5000

If your Metro State account is currently in collections at the Minnesota Department of Revenue (MDOR), a hold has been placed on your account. The hold will not be removed until the balance is paid in full and the college has received the funds from MDOR. If you want the hold removed immediately you will need to go in person to the Minnesota Department of Revenue to pay in full with secure funds. Secure funds are: cash, cashier’s check, or money order. Payments to MDOR using personal checks, online payments using debit or credit cards, or confirmation numbers from online payments are not considered secure and your hold will not be removed immediately. The hold will be removed when the college receives the payment from MDOR. Below is the contact information for MDOR:

Minnesota Department of Revenue
600 North Robert Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101

NOTE: The same criteria apply to accounts in collections with a private collection agency. Please email for more information.

Write-off Status

Accounts with a write-off status have been determined to be uncollectible. This does not eliminate the legal obligation to pay. If your account is in write-off, a hold has been placed on your account. In order for the hold to be removed, the balance must be paid in full with secure funds. Secure funds consist of: cash, cashier’s check, and money order. We cannot accept online payments, credit cards/debit cards, or personal checks. You can pay with a secure fund in person at Gateway Student Services, located on the first floor of Founders Hall at the Saint Paul campus, or mail in a cashier’s check or money order to the address below. If you have any questions about your debt, please email or write us at:

Metropolitan State University
Financial Management
700 East Seventh Street, FH 329
Saint Paul, MN 55106-5000