Multicultural, American Indian and Retention Services

As a unit under the Dean of Students in Student Affairs, Multicultural, American Indian and Retention Services (previously known as Multicultural Affairs), promotes the academic success of historically underrepresented incoming, current and graduating students by providing retention programming and a wide range of services that includes advocacy and educational planning.

Students are assisted and supported by the culturally-sensitive staff. The services are designed to enrich the academic and social experience of students while also connecting them to university and relevant community resources. If you are interested in our services, please call us to make an appointment.

Women's and LGBTQ Student Services

The Women's and LGBTQ Student Resource Center provides safe spaces for all members of the Metropolitan State University community.

Veteran Services

academic and support services or veterans and military students and their families

Veteran Services

Programs and support for veterans and students connected to the military.

African and African American Support Services

Services that facilitate the academic success of incoming, current and graduating African and African American students.

American Indian Student Services

Support and programs for the academic, personal and professional success of American Indian students.

Asian American Student Services

Helping Asian-American students balance life and education to persist and graduate.