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Marketing, Supply Chain Operations Management and International Business

The different management degrees, minors, and graduate certificates offered in this department – Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Operations, and International Business – represent a significant part of an organization’s daily operations. Separately, each of these three disciplines focuses on a unique set of skills and knowledge that are critical in today’s business environment. Whether pursuing a degree in marketing, in supply chain and operations, or in international business, our graduates are prepared to create value in any industry from manufacturing and retail to advertising and marketing agencies, or to global business entities of every type.

Learn more about the College of Business and Management's different management degrees and minors available below.


Marketing is so much more than advertising! Marketing is a fast moving, multifaceted discipline that studies marketplace dynamics, market research, quantitative analysis, marketing communication designs, and international marketing. At the core of marketing is the fascinating study of consumer behavior and understanding buyer motivations and attitudes. You will learn how to gather consumer information and produce statistical results that will influence how you position a product or brand to a targeted segment. Our program has a strategic managerial perspective and the knowledge and skills you acquire can play a pivotal role in any organization’s success. Marketing is a bright and energetic field and, as a marketing graduate, you will be well prepared to make your mark in this constantly changing environment.

Supply Chain and Operations Management

Would you like to work in the supply chain arena where you can help your organization manage diverse products, services, suppliers and facilities, and promote competitive advantage? There is a growing market demand for graduates who have been trained to make critical decisions in managing suppliers, procuring supplies of raw materials, assuring delivery of goods to end customers, and increasing company profitability. You will gain both a managerial perspective as well as state-of-the-art technical skills and applications in supply chain and operations. Professionals who have these skills are commonly sought by major companies such as Target, General Mills, and 3M. As a student in this discipline, you will also have the opportunity to participate in top industry associations such as APICS, CSCMP, and ISM and to earn professional certificates.

International Business

We live in a global business environment. Increasingly, American companies are in pursuit of worldwide marketing, purchasing, financial dealings and other business activities. While large U.S. companies have historically had a presence or strategic relationship in other countries, this is increasingly true of small and medium-sized companies. Today, many companies are exploring the possibilities of developing relationships with companies in other countries, either directly or through intermediaries. Our global economy is too interdependent and too competitive for any domestic business to ignore the international marketing, sourcing and investing possibilities. This discipline will teach you how economic, cultural and legal and political dynamics intersect with doing business globally. It will also give you a new appreciation for the exciting world of international business.

Marketing, Supply Chain Operations Management and International Business Programs