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Academic Testing Center

As part of Metropolitan State University's response to COVID-19, the Academic Testing Center is not registering or administering exams indefinitely. To schedule remote administration of the MIS-100 waiver exam, or for any other questions, please contact

The Academic Testing Center provides make-up, independent study and waiver exam services. We value professional and cordial service, draw on principles of universal design, and follow the best practices and guidelines of the National College Testing Association.

For Metropolitan State University students

When the center is open, appointment scheduling is done online using RegisterBlast (currently disabled).

Your instructor must submit the exam before you are able to schedule your exam. To make an appointment:

  • Instructions for scheduling your exam are available on RegisterBlast.
  • You must schedule 24 hours in advance. 
  • Although not required, it is strongly recommended that you use your university email address when scheduling in RegisterBlast.
  • Scheduling is automated. All exam times must be within the testing window set by your instructor and on at a time that allows you to complete your exam before the center closes.
  • If the exam you wish to schedule is not offered, contact your instructor. (The testing window may have expired or materials might not have been submitted yet.)
  • Because RegisterBlast prevents schedule conflicts, multiple exams may be scheduled at one time. After scheduling your first exam, select "Add additional exam" on the exam summary page.
  • Bring photo identification so center staff can verify your identity.
  • Our proctoring hours vary.

Schedule an exam at RegisterBlast

Scheduling help documents

Off-site proctoring

Off-site exam proctoring is available to Metropolitan State students for no charge at any testing center within the Minnesota State system.

To take a Metropolitan State exam at an off-site location, confirm proctoring availability with the testing center, complete an off-site proctor form and submit it to Incomplete forms will be returned to student (and cause delays in forwarding your exam to the off-site test center).

For students of other Minnesota State system universities and colleges

Students at institutions within the Minnesota State system may request proctoring services at no cost. Before making an appointment, contact your institution's testing center or your instructor and ask them to send exam materials and any required off-site proctor forms to Metropolitan State. After we have received the exam, email us at for instructions on scheduling your appointment.

Exam guidelines

  • Students who cannot keep their appointment should cancel online at RegisterBlast or by emailing
  • Students are responsible for bringing all allowed exam materials (for example, a proper calculator). Note that graphing and programmable calculators are not allowed unless the exam instructions state otherwise.
  • Students should use the restroom before the exam.
  • Students will place all non-exam belongings or materials in a locker designated by test proctors. Bring only what will fit into a 18 inches by 18 inches by 18 inches locker. Staff are not responsible for students' belongings.
  • No food, gum or beverages are permitted in the center.
  • Students must be seated at the station assigned by the proctor. Accommodations must be prearranged. Email with questions.
  • Students may not leave the center with exams or exam-related materials.
  • Students are responsible for ending the exam immediately when asked to do so by a proctor. Staff report all start and end times to instructors.
  • All cell phones, tablets, smart watches, laptops and other electronics must be stored in the locker outside of the testing room. Students cannot access phones during an exam.
  • Students cannot access stored belongings until the exam is returned to staff.
  • Students agree to follow the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity Policy.
  • Proctors administer exams in congruence with the instructions provided by instructors. Students who disagree with the stated exam instructions must resolve disputes with their instructors. Under no circumstances will administration of an exam conflict with instructions.
  • To make accessibility accommodations, contact the Center for Accessibility Services.