Placement assessment

Due to ongoing concerns related to COVID-19, all onsite course placement testing has been suspended until further notice.

We are following the MN State System Office’s placement guidelines for this special period.  The placement office will continue to use your ACT, SAT, MCA, Accuplacer scores and previous courses completed within the past three years to place students into the appropriate level course(s) at Metropolitan State University.   

There are three new special considerations during this time of suspended onsite course placement testing: 

1) Students may take the Accuplacer online through Examity. Please know you should request a voucher from Placement Assessment by providing all required information described on this site. You will need to follow the instructions on our website at to request the voucher. 

Students should have access to a computer (laptop or desktop only—does not include iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, or cell phones), internet, a webcam, and a headset.  

Using this option will provide students with the most accurate placement into math and English (reading and writing) courses. 

2)    If students are unable to complete the Accuplacer online through Examity, the placement office may also use your high school Grade Point Average (GPA). This GPA can be self-reported by you to the placement office or your academic advisor if you did not disclose it on your admissions application. Your high school GPA is only valid for ten years after graduation. The GPA requirements are different for math and English courses, and your advisor or the placement office can provide more information.  

3)    If students are not able to be placed based on all of the coursework, scores, online Accuplacer option, or scores listed above, they should contact the placement office or their assigned academic advisor for information about other options for placement.  

a. The Placement Office or your advisor will review: 

i. your academic background and course needs, and 

ii. recommend an appropriate course placement based on your background, occupational experience and/or relevant skills and abilities. 

b. Your assigned academic advisor may: 

i. review the college or university policy for satisfactory academic progress (SAP) with you; 

ii. orient you to the available academic support services; 

iii. review the registration process; and, 

iv. review the withdrawal process and all related deadlines. 

c. If you don’t have an assigned academic advisor yet, you may contact the Placement Office for directions. 

In short, we are here to help you in your education pursuit, and we know this time is causing uncertainty for many. We want to ensure you have the best placement possible so that you can be successful in your coursework.If you have any questions, you may contact your assigned academic advisor or contact 


The information below represents our ongoing procedures (outside of the COVID-19 pandemic) and basic information about who is or is not required to take assessments.  

Placement assessments measure knowledge and skills in reading comprehension, English writing and mathematics. The results are used to place some incoming students into courses that best match their skills and helps improve student success. 

Placement results provide important insights into students' current skill levels in math, reading and writing. Students and their advisors use the information to select or recommend those courses most suited to students' academic needs. Placement results are also used to meet the prerequisites for specific courses or the university's general education competency requirement. The assessment requirement also helps ensure faculty provide high quality teaching to all students.

Who takes assessments?

First-year students and PSEO students who have not successfully completed college-level English composition and a college-level math course are required to take placement assessments.

For other incoming students, including transfer and readmitted students, the degree auditing process determines whether an exemption from placement assessments is granted. Your interactive degree audit/DARS will tell you if you need to take an assessment. If you see "Student Holds: 0006 — Assessment Test" on DARS, you won't be able to register for any class until you take a placement assessment.

Who isn’t required to take assessments?

You need to contact Placement Assessment if you are granted exemption based on the criterion that you completed Accuplacer tests within the past three years in another Minnesota State institution. We need to provide the course placement to you based on Metropolitan State's curriculum and remove the registration hold on your record.

We also acknowledge your progress if you have followed the course placement in another Minnesota State institution when your scores are over three years old. In this situation, you should contact us directly. This will be handled on an individual basis. A new student whose native language is not English and who is not fluent in English should take the language proficiency tests. A student can take these tests in a Minnesota State institution of their choice. Contact information is available on the page of Minnesota State and Hubbs Services. After testing, students should contact us for placement advice and registration hold removal.