Placement assessment

Remote Accuplacer placement testing is available starting July 1, 2020.

BEFORE making your appointment for remote proctoring/testing:

  1. Download and install Zoom, free software to connect to the Zoom video conferencing service.
  2. Check that Zoom is working correctly. Use the option “join with video.”
  3. Check that your computer meets ACCUPLACER system requirements.

Placement assessments cannot begin until you successfully complete these steps.

Making an appointment

  1. Request your voucher: Follow the voucher request instructions and submit required information to
  2. Schedule your test: Register for a testing time that works best for you through RegisterBlast.
  3. Look for a confirmation email: Our office will confirm all the details for your remote test appointment by email.

We are following Minnesota State’s placement guidelines for this period. The placement office continues to use students’ ACT, SAT, MCA and Accuplacer scores as well as coursework completed within the past three years to place students into the appropriate level of courses at Metropolitan State University.

Other testing options

While onsite course placement testing is suspended, there are three additional options in addition to the online proctoring outlined above:

  1. You may take ACCUPLACER online through Examity if you’re unable to schedule a test time during our service hours. To use Examity, you must use a laptop or desktop computer connected to the internet, a webcam, and a headset. You cannot use a tablet (such as an iPad), Chromebook, cell phone, or other mobile device for the test.
  2. If you cannot take ACCUPLACER online, the placement office may use your high school grade point average (GPA) for assessment as long as it is within ten years of your high school graduation. If you did not disclose your high school GPA on your admissions application, you can report it to our office or to your academic advisor. GPA requirements are different for math and English courses; your advisor or the placement office can provide more information.

If you are unable to be placed based on all of the coursework, scores, online ACCUPLACER option, or scores listed above, contact the placement office or your assigned academic advisor about other placement options.

The Placement Office or your advisor will review your academic background and course needs, and recommend an appropriate course placement based on your background, occupational experience and/or relevant skills and abilities.

Your assigned academic advisor may review the university’s policy for satisfactory academic progress (SAP) with you; orient you to the available academic support services; review the registration process; and review the withdrawal process and all related deadlines.

If you don’t have an assigned academic advisor yet, you may contact the Placement Office for directions.

How are placement tests used?

Placement results provide important insights into students' skill levels in math, reading and writing. Students and their advisors use the information to select or recommend those courses most suited to students' academic needs.

Placement results are also used to meet the prerequisites for specific courses or the university's general education competency requirement. The assessment also helps ensure faculty provide high-quality teaching to all students.

Who takes assessments?

First-year students and PSEO students who have not successfully completed college-level English composition and a college-level math course are required to take placement assessments.

For other incoming students, including transfer and readmitted students, the degree auditing process determines whether an exemption from placement assessments is granted. Your interactive degree audit/DARS will tell you if you need to take an assessment. If you see “Student Holds: 0006 — Assessment Test” on your DARS, you won't be able to register for any class until you take a placement assessment.

Who isn’t required to take assessments?

Contact Placement Assessment if you receive an assessment exemption because you completed ACCUPLACER tests within the past three years at another Minnesota State institution. We can provide course placement for Metropolitan State's curriculum and remove the testing registration hold.

Students who completed placement assessments at another Minnesota State institution over three years ago should contact our office. Each of these cases are handled individually.

Language proficiency testing

New students whose native language is not English and who is not fluent in English should take language proficiency tests. Students can take these tests at the Minnesota State institution of their choice. After testing, contact us for placement advice and to remove testing registration holds.