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Test accommodations

Exams can be designed in ways that are flexible and rarely require accommodations, while others exams create barriers.  Testing accommodations can happen in a variety of ways. Due in part to the way most courses are set up at Metropolitan State testing accommodations may be different from what students have experienced at other schools or expect as a student new to the accommodation process.

Accessible Test in the classroom or online

Many instructors design exams in ways that reduce barriers or they make arrangements to provide the necessary accommodations themselves. As a result you many find that the accommodations you've used in the past for some courses are not necessary.


  • Exams designed to be completed in a portion of the class time however the entire class period is available to complete the exam (extra time is built in for all students).
  • Online exams modified to include the extended time.
  • Take-home exams, papers or projects.
  • Having technology, like a computer, available during exams.
  • Allowing notes or other materials during the exam.

Why testing in the classroom is often better for the student 

  • You may be able to ask questions during the exam.
  • Receive information from the instructor for any clarifications.
  • Don't have to go to a different location.
  • Don't have to find an alternative time to take the exam.

Testing at Center for Accessibility Resources

There are times when the classroom environment creates barriers for students and the testing rooms in CAR is a better option. Please review the guidelines for taking tests for additional information.

Guidelines for taking test in CAR:


  • Request accommodations through the Test Accommodations Request form for all course exams, including quizzes.
  • Requests to take exams Monday through Friday during normal business hours must be received at least 4 business days prior to the exam.
  • Requests to take exams Monday through Friday after 6 p.m. or on Saturdays must be received at least 10 business days prior to the exam.
  • Inform your instructor you will be taking the exam in CAR.

Test day

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your exam start time.
  • Bring your student ID card or other photo ID.
  • Place all personal belongings in storage locker provided. This includes cell phones, smart watches, fit bits and other mobile/electronic devices.

Unauthorized materials and cheating

  • The use of unauthorized materials during exams or cheating in any from is not tolerated.
  • The test area is monitored regularly.
  • If you are suspected of having unauthorized materials or of cheating in any way:
    • Your instructor will be informed of the suspected incident.
    • You may be referred to the Dean of Students on a Code of Conduct violation.
    • Your instructor may choose to impose additional penalties.