You must submit a current (not over 90 days) and certified copy of your financial statement from a registered bank or savings institution in U.S. dollars showing adequate financial resources for the period of intended enrollment.

Provide proof of at least US $27,019
 ($ 10,089 - Tuition
       2422 - Books and supplies
    14,508 - Living expenses)

The I-20 will not be processed until we have received this information. This document must be included with your admissions application.

Do not send this information to any other office except to the International Admissions Office. For questions concerning the I-20 or your financial documents, contact International Student Services at 651-793-1219.

If support is coming from outside of the U.S., then submit a certified letter from the sponsor indicating that they will be responsible for all educational expenses and a bank statement showing availability of U.S. $27,019 plus the additional amount required for each dependent. For more information see International Student Admissions Application.

Copies will not be accepted.