Getting started

Cost of attendance 

Estimate of the total average cost to attend Metropolitan State University for the fall and spring semesters.

Types of financial aid 

Learn what kinds of financial aid might be included in your aid offer.


Learn more about four different types of loans.

Grants and scholarships 

Find information about both federal and state college grants and scholarships.

Student employment as a form of financial aid 

Learn about opportunities to become a work study student or a student worker.

Financial aid forms 

The forms you may need to apply for and manage your financial aid.

Helpful information 

Financial aid guides, deadlines and other useful facts to have on hand.

Financial aid policies 

Important policies in addition to financial aid terms and conditions.

Schedule Financial Aid appointment 

Get extra help with your financial aid.

Summer term financial aid 

Pay for summer classes with unused financial aid eligibility from prior fall and spring terms.

Taking courses at another institution 

How to complete a consortium agreement for enrolling in a course at another college or university.

Useful aid resources 

Information about financial aid, student loans, financial literacy, aid for undocumented students and aid for Native American students.

Withdrawal and Return to Title IV refund policy 

Learn what financial aid is subject to Federal Return to Title IV refund if you withdraw before a term’s 60 percent point.

Bookstore credit 

Learn how to charge the cost of textbooks and supplies purchased at the university bookstore to your student account.