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Bookstore credit

Bookstore credit allows a student to purchase textbooks and necessary supplies by charging these purchases to student's account. A student account is established for you by the university when you first apply. Students who have more financial aid than their cost of tuition and fees may have this charge covered by financial aid once it disburses. Students without financial aid or who have other 3rd party funding for books (employer, workforce agency, etc.) may also use this program.

Bookstore credits are available each semester during the dates published on the website.

Bookstore Credit Program eligibility

Students are eligible for the Bookstore Credit Program if they are enrolled in courses, have authorized the university to place a book and supply charge on their student account, and do not have any active holds on their student account.

  • PSEO students are not eligible for this program.
  • All registered students may charge up to $750.
  • Emergency approvals for students needing larger than those limits would be done case-by-case through Gateway Student Services.

Obtaining the bookstore credit

After selecting books and supplies at the University Bookstore (Saint Paul Campus) or online, students will be asked to present their student identification card to the cashier in the bookstore and inform the cashier that they have a bookstore credit.

  1. The disbursement of financial aid will pay for tuition, fees and bookstore charges in that order.
  2. If you are a student whose charges are paid by a 3rd party, please ask your payer for assistance in completing sections 2 and 3 of the Metropolitan State Third Party Authorization for Payment form. Forward the signed form to Third Party Billing, in Founders Hall 329. Students using a third party must also sign the Bookstore Credit and Other Miscellaneous Charges Authorization.
  3. Any remaining balance owing after financial aid or 3rd party funds are received must be paid by the student to the university in accordance with the due dates.

Eligible purchases with bookstore credit

Student may purchase textbooks and necessary supplies only. Supplies include, but are not limited to: study guides, supplemental texts, workbooks, notebooks, notepaper or pads, pens, pencils, art/drawing supplies and calculators. Items that cannot be purchased with bookstore credit include clothing, mugs, food, mass market books (unless designated as a course text) and other items not necessary for course work.

Returns Policy

Items returned to the bookstore before the Bookstore Credit Program ends will be reflected on the student’s account. Items returned to the bookstore after the Bookstore Credit Program ends will be refunded in cash for in-person returns or via a gift card if returned by mail. There will be no exceptions. Note: the gift card can only be used at the college bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or on their website. Returns of books and supplies bought using a Third Party voucher will be credited to the Third Party agency.