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Prelicensure BSN

College of Nursing and Health Sciences / Nursing
Undergraduate major / Bachelor of Science

About The Program

Coming in Spring 2024, new prelicensure BSN curriculum

Prelicensure BSN Course Progression (PDF)

The Metro State University Prelicensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is a four-year undergraduate program that prepares graduates to provide holistic, person-centered care to individuals, families, and communities from diverse backgrounds. This Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is based on a set of core competencies that graduates learn, through a variety of clinical experiences, to adapt to changing healthcare needs and advance health equity through interdisciplinary collaboration, civic engagement, self-care and life-long learning. Graduates of the program are eligible to take the national licensure exam (NCLEX-RN ®) and practice as a professional nurse


Student outcomes

Students in the Prelicensure BSN program learn to:

  1. Utilize the nursing process to practice compassionate, holistic person-centered care with historically marginalized individuals, families, communities, and populations grounded in theoretical and evidence-based knowledge from the arts, sciences, and nursing.
  2. Demonstrate skills in leadership, professionalism, interprofessional collaboration, scholarship, and information and healthcare technologies to enhance quality nursing care, improve health outcomes, and address health inequities among diverse populations.
  3. Demonstrate professional nursing identity through reflection, self-awareness, moral agency, self-care, service to the profession, and lifelong learning.
  4. Evaluate best available evidence to support interprofessional teamwork, communication and provide safe, quality, and equitable nursing care to diverse populations within complex systems.
  5. Integrate knowledge of economic, social, regulatory, and policy issues to advocate for the needs of diverse populations and address structural racism and systematic inequity within systems.

How to enroll

Current students: Declare this program

Once you’re admitted as an undergraduate student and have met any further admission requirements your chosen program may have, you may declare a major or declare an optional minor.

Future students: Apply now

Apply to Metropolitan State: Start the journey toward your Prelicensure BSN now. Learn about the steps to enroll or, if you have questions about what Metropolitan State can offer you, request information, visit campus or chat with an admissions counselor.

Get started on your Prelicensure BSN

Program eligibility requirements

To be eligible to apply for the Prelicensure BSN major, students must complete/submit the following:

  1. General admission to Metro State University, which requires submission of official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended;
  2. Completion of the nine prerequisites (“first and second semester curriculum” listed on the Courses and Requirements Tab) with a 2.75 minimum GPA and a grade of C or better in each course (WRIT 131, PSYC 100, MNTC GOAL AREA 3 CHEMISTRY WITH LAB, METRO 101 or MNTC GOAL AREA 6 COURSE, BIOL 221, BIOL 225, PSYC 311, MNTC GOAL AREA 1 INTERMEDIATE WRITING COURSE, WRIT 330);
  3. Complete the most current Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) standardized Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) before the published deadline. Students who take the TEAS at an institution outside of Metro State University must request an official ATI transcript to be sent to the Department of Nursing at Metro State University. There is a minimum TEAS score of 58.7% required for eligibility to apply but does not guarantee admission. Students can find more information at TEAS Exam | Metropolitan State University (;
  4. Submission of the Metro State University Prelicensure BSN Application by the application deadline of August 15. Application review will include holistic assessment of student attributes and experiences, submitted and evaluated as part of the application process. Refer to the Prelicensure BSN Holistic Admissions Criteria for more information.
  5. “Third semester classes” (listed on the Courses and Requirements Tab) must be completed prior to program start (BIOL 222, PHIL 321/301, COMM 372/231, NURS 220, HSCI 201);

Admission is limited and competitive; it is advised that all applicants also consider a parallel plan.

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 to apply.

Students must have a minimum prerequisite GPA of 2.75 in all three semesters of prerequisite coursework listed in the Prelicensure BSN Program course sequence to maintain eligibility for admission. Official transcripts will be used to calculate the GPA. Each individual course must have at least a C grade.

Application Instructions

Application review will include holistic assessment of student attributes and experiences, submitted and evaluated as part of the application process.


  • TEAS - 15%
  • Cumulative GPA - 10%
  • Pre-requisite GPA - 25%

Experiences and Attributes - 50%