SAFAC Conference Travel Requests

Undergraduate and graduate students may submit conference and travel funding requests to the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) at least ten (10) weeks prior to attending in and out of state events related to their academic major or minor. Once travel requests are submitted, all students requesting funding must present to the SAFAC committee outlining the importance of the professional development and rationale of conference attendance.


  1. Thoroughly research all travel and lodging options, including fees, taxes and costs associated with the conference.
  2. Submit conference request online via SAFAC's Engage page/Budgets by adding a "New Budget" at least two (2) days before the presentation and at least ten (10) weeks prior to the conference start date. Advisors, faculty, and staff may support and guide this process, but should not submit on behalf of the students. The proposal should include:
    • student full name
    • student ID number
    • declared major/minor
    • conference rationale and description, including: website, flyers, conference schedule/agenda, etc
    • how they will share their learning with their peers at Metropolitan State University
    • at least three (3) travel options
    • budget/related costs
    • logistics of travel (distance, travel quotes, flight/train times, etc.)
    • links to travel quote resources
    • ways the students are being cost-effective.
  3. Present conference request in-person at next open SAFAC meeting and bring seven (7) copies of the request to the meeting.
    • To do this, export a copy of the request once it has been submitted.
    • Presenters are encouraged to use handouts, PowerPoints, online presentation software, etc.
    • All students who are requesting funds must be present at the presentation. If all students do not attend, they will not be granted funding.
    • Advisors, staff, and faculty may attend this meeting for support but may not present on behalf of the students.
  4. Within seven (7) days of the presentation, the student(s) will receive an "approved" or "rejected" response from SAFAC via their Metropolitan State University e-mail.
  5. If approved, Philip Fuehrer ( will help provide support for the travel logistics.
  6. If the entirety of funds are rejected and the student(s) are provided $0 in funding, they may submit an appeal to the Student Senate at or

For questions about conference and travel funding requests, contact: or