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Student Activity Fees

The Metropolitan State University Student Association (MSUSA) manages the allocation of student activity fees. This portal includes fees requests for individual students and student organizations.

MSUSA's Finance Director and Communications & Records Specialist oversee the fees allocation process to ensure that student and student organization initiatives, goals, and activities of Metropolitan State University are appropriately supported. MSUSA applies consistent unbiased funding decisions to represent the interests of Metropolitan State undergraduate and graduate students and enhances campus life by supporting the educational mission of Metropolitan State University

How the Student Activity Fee Works

All students are assessed a student activity fee which appears on their tuition bills. MSUSA is responsible for disbursing the collective student activity fees. Funds are distributed to eligible student organizations in the form of annual budgets, supplementary budgets, and conference requests in an effort to enhance the co-curricular life on campus. MSUSA members embrace the principles of honesty, fairness, and integrity. They protect the interests of all student organizations by ensuring that the decisions they make are in the best interests of all parties involved. Members do not make arbitrary judgments, they look at the big picture and make decisions that will benefit the entire college community.

Budget Allocation Process 

MSUSA members review allocation requests each Spring in an effort to fairly disburse student activity fee funds. This funding serves as the primary operating budget for over forty groups and organizations on campus. The committee also hears special allocation requests, which provide funding for special events not anticipated during the annual allocation process, throughout the academic year. The committee chair is responsible for correspondence between students, MSUSA, and the larger Metropolitan State University staff, faculty, and administration.

Conference Funding 

Undergraduate and graduate students may submit conference and travel funding requests to MSUSA at least ten (10) weeks prior to attending in and out of state events related to their academic major or minor. Once travel requests are submitted, all students requesting funding must present to MSUSA outlining the importance of the professional development and rationale of conference attendance. Students can apply for funding via the Engage Portal

For questions about conference and travel funding requests, contact: or