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Making registration changes

All registration changes should be completed online through your student eServices. Gateway can answer your questions about registration but is not able to process registration changes. Registration changes made after the first week of classes typically require special permission or assistance.

Dropping courses

Check the course description on eServices for add/drop and withdraw deadlines every term. University staff cannot modify your class schedule for you; students are responsible for all aspects of their registration. To modify your schedule:

  1. Log into Student eServices
  2. Select "View / Modify Class Schedule"
  3. From here, you can drop or withdraw from your course(s).
    1. Drop: If you decide you want to drop, you need to drop your classes by the deadline published in eServices each term to not receive a "W" on your transcript and receive a full refund.
    2. Withdraw: Dropping after the drop deadline results in a "W" for "Withdraw" on your transcript. There is no tuition refund. Receiving a "W" does not affect your GPA. It does impact your completion rate.

Students have until the end of the fourth week to drop a faculty-designed independent study (FDIS) with a refund. Theory seminars must be dropped within a day of the first class meeting. Dropping courses via eServices within the refund period generates a credit to your student account. Students who want to drop a FDIS or theory seminar with a refund after the first week of the term must contact Gateway. Courses dropped within the refund period of the term do not appear on the student's transcript.

Drop for nonattendance or non-participation

Students are dropped for nonattendance/non-participation after either first two class sessions/end of second week of term or after first week/class meeting with a mandatory first class/week attendance requirement as noted on class schedule.

Many factors go into reporting of nonattendance and you should not assume it will get reported. If you have decided not to attend classes and want a refund, be sure to drop your classes online by the posted drop date found in the academic calendar

Withdrawing from a course

After the drop deadline, students may withdraw from course(s). The last day to withdraw from a course is listed on the class schedule in eServices (under "view/modify class schedule") under "drop/withdraw dates."

Withdrawing from all registered courses within a semester

Admitted, degree-seeking students who officially withdraw from all university courses during any given semester beyond the drop deadline may be eligible for a partial refund of tuition. Check on the refunds page or contact Gateway for more information.

If eServices doesn't work…

Students who are unable to add, drop or withdraw from courses through eServices before a deadline should use the Registration Request form instead