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Delivery method (type) of courses

Metro State University offers an individualized approach to learning in a variety of delivery methods. 

The delivery method refers to the instructional format the course will be presented by the instructor, such as in-person or online or a bit of both. All course delivery methods may utilize the D2L Brightspace learning platform. D2L is a web-based system that is often used by instructors for sharing content, leading discussions, posting grades, allowing students to upload assignments, take quizzes, and more. Courses with defined online delivery methods may require intermediate computer/internet skills. For online learning and course access information, go to Student Online Learning Resources 

Delivery methods differ depending on the amount of time you may need to spend in a seat at a particular time and how you will connect with course materials, your professor, and your peers. 

Hyflex (if you wish to be remote), Blended/Hybrid, Mostly Online, and both forms of Completely Online require students to have a computer and internet. If the course includes proctored exams, a computer with a web camera is required. Read the course notes in Student e-services course schedule carefully. 

On Campus: Instruction is face-to-face on-campus. Classes meet at scheduled times and locations per Student e-services course schedule.  

Blended/Hybrid: A planned mix of in-person (in person on-campus) sessions and structured online learning. Look for the scheduled dates and times for in-person sessions and any scheduled online class sessions. 

Hyflex/Flexible: Meets weekly with a day, time, and assigned classroom. Students will have the option of attending each class in person or remotely through an online communication platform such as Zoom. 

Mostly Online: At least 75% of course instruction is online with up to two possible in-person meetings and up to four required proctored exams, which two may be a combination of meeting and testing. Look for the scheduled dates and times for in-person sessions and possible scheduled synchronous online class sessions. 

Completely Online-Asynchronous: Instructional learning activities are completely online. No required classroom or in-person proctor testing sessions. Students follow the syllabus for course assignments, due dates and exam schedules and possible remote proctor requirements.  Online participation is required the first week of class.

Completely Online-Synchronous: Course instruction is completely online and has required scheduled synchronous meetings and activities as a class.  Look for online meeting details of day and time on the course schedule.

Correspondence: Independent studies that are mostly handled through mail (e.g., U.S. Mail) in print format.  

Metro State has computers available through check out through the library on a first come, first serve basis. The student loaner laptop program is an option for students who may need to borrow a computer for longer term.  Go to Student Laptop Loaner Program