Delivery method (type) of courses

Metropolitan State offers a individualized approach to learning, in a variety of delivery methods.

Delivery method refers to the instructional format the course will be presented by the instructor, such as in-person, classroom, or online. All course delivery methods may utilize the D2L Brightspace learning platform. D2L is a web-based system that is often used by instructors for sharing content, leading discussions, posting grades, allowing students to upload assignments, and more. Courses with defined online delivery methods may require intermediate computer/Internet skills. For online learning and course access information, go to

While exploring eServices for course offerings, the following delivery methods are offered:

  • traditional face-to-face courses meeting in classrooms;
  • blended hybrid, with 25-75% of instruction taking place online and regularly scheduled in-person meetings which leverage the benefits of multiple learning environments;
  • mostly online, with greater than 75% of the instruction taking place online and up to two possible in-person meetings, online synchronous components, and/or up to four proctored exams (remote or locally);
  • completely online, synchronous (SYNC), online courses with scheduled meetings with 100% online instruction in required synchronous online meetings or activities;
  • completely online, asynchronous (ASYN), online courses without scheduled meetings with 100% online instruction, no in-person meetings, no in-person or synchronous proctored exams, and no synchronous online meetings;
  • arranged, which covers individualized coursework or experiences guided by a faculty member, to include but not limited to, independent study on a topic, student research, student-designed independent study, and internships—more information can be found at learning strategy options;
  • and correspondence, consisting of distance study in a print format.