Types of courses

Metropolitan State offers a individualized approach to learning.

Course offerings:

  • traditional face-to-face courses,
  • web-augmented courses,
  • blended hybrid,
  • online courses with scheduled meetings,
  • online courses without scheduled meetings,
  • independent study and
  • alternate creative learning strategies

Refer to the class schedule for detailed instructions on delivery method and instructions,

CLEP Test (College-Level Examination Program)

Receive college credit for what you already know. Search for a test center near you. Metropolitan State transfer decisions regarding standardized examinations can be found through Transferology. Transfer courses taken after admissions in Metropolitan State: Students may take courses at other institutions by registering and paying for them at those institutions. Students MUST consult with an advisor in order to ensure that these courses may be applied towards the degree. For more information refer to the online or e-Services Class Schedule, and search under Delivery Method.