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Online courses

Online learning enables you to take courses over the Internet. At Metropolitan State University, we understand that a majority of our students are adult learners with full-time jobs and busy lives. Therefore, we are committed to making the learning process convenient and readily accessible to our students.
About Online Study

Online courses at Metropolitan State University have the same rigor and expectations as classroom courses. You are expected to meet course requirements by submitting assignments, conducting research, taking tests, participating in class discussions, and writing papers. The only difference is that instead of sitting in a face-to-face classroom, all these activities are performed online and may be accomplished in different locations and at different times as long as course deadlines are met.

Is online learning right for me?

Online learning requires students to make the extra effort to learn independently, interact with instructors and students at a distance, and be responsible for their own learning. Online students must be self-motivated, have good written communication skills, have access to a computer with an internet connection, and possess proficiency with software applications.
In face-to-face courses students see the instructor and other students in a class setting, but in online learning, this connection is achieved primarily through words and the expression of ideas.

To help you assess your own readiness, try this online education quiz. Take the time to reflect on whether or not this type of learning is the right fit for you. The quiz is strictly for self-assessment. Your answers will not affect your admission to an online course.

Take the Online Education Quiz

Who can take online courses?

All currently enrolled students can register for online courses, subject to availability. Not all programs offer online classes and, in most cases, online courses fill faster than face-to-face courses.
Fully online programs are available to all Minnesota residents and residents of states who have entered into a reciprocity agreement with the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). The reciprocity agreements are intended to make it easier for students to take online courses offered by postsecondary institutions based in another state.

NC-Sara Approved States

International Students

Metropolitan State University also benefits from the enrollment and participation of international students. In 2016, students accessed Metropolitan State's online learning management system from 78 countries. International students who demonstrate good academic standing can apply for a non-resident tuition scholarship.

International Student Services