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Registration holds

Registration Holds can be viewed in eServices

  • Log into eServices
  • Select Registration Holds from the navigation menu on the left

Questions regarding registration holds can be directed to the Gateway Student Services Center at 651-793-1300.

Registration/blocks that a student may encounter

If there are any holds on your registration, you will need to have them released before you can register. You can check for holds by logging into eServices. On the left-side menu click on Registration Holds. Active holds are shown along with what you must do to release the hold.


Student has not completed the Online Orientation

  • The student cannot register for courses until the Online Orientation has been completed.  
  • Students must register for the Online Orientation.  
  • To show that they have completed the Online Orientation, they must take both the survey and quiz at the end to validate that they have completed it.
  • Contact Gateway Services if you have completed the online Orientation but the hold has not been removed.

Placement Assessment

Student has not completed the required Placement assessment, or student did not score at the appropriate level for the class    

  • Students may be required to take a placement assessment for a Math or Writing course. Students will not be allowed to register for any courses until they have completed the required Placement Assessment. (sometimes it is only the math or writing that is required, sometimes it is both)
  • Connect the student to the Placement Assessment office  
  • Students have the option to retake the Placement assessment to score higher (up to 3 times)

Registration Window not open

Students’ total completed credits place them in a different registration window

  • The Registration Window is on the student eServices or listed in the Reg timeline in the Resources Guide or under the Registrar’s web site
  • Students must wait to register until their registration window is open.

Class is full

All seats are registered for

  • Choose an alternate course.
  • Sign up on the Waitlist for an opening.

Academic Warning or Academic Probation

Student is on Academic Warning or Academic Probation     

  • Students on Warning must first complete the Academic Success Workshop (ASW), then meet with their academic advisor to review the ASW worksheets and receive approval to register.
  • Students on Probation must meet with their academic advisor to plan for a successful semester and receive approval to register.  The advisor may wish to require that the student take the ASW again, or may waive that.
  • Once the advisor has determined that the student has made appropriate plans for registration, the advisor can request an override of the Academic Hold.  
  • Contact your academic advisor to make an appointment.

Access Code (for no major declaration)

A student has been enrolled for 1 year, has at least 80 credits, and has not declared a major.    

  • A student will have an Access Code if:  
    • they have been enrolled at Metro State for at least 1 year, and
    • have completed at least 80 credits, and 
    • have not declared a major.
  • Contact your academic advisor to discuss the major declaration process and to receive your Access Code.

Prerequisite is not met

A student has not taken the prerequisite for the class:    

  • Course prerequisites can be found in the course description on eServices.
  • Some classes have prerequisites but do not have a registration hold, and some classes do have a hold for course prerequisites. It is important for the student to check the course description.
  • Find the appropriate prerequisite class and create a degree plan that incorporates the correct course sequence.
  • There are situations in which a transfer course does meets a prerequisite but is not correctly identified on the degree audit. In this case, contact your academic advisor to request a prerequisite override.
  • Contact your academic advisor if you have any questions.

Not Enough Credits

Student does not have the required amount of credits    

  • Some courses require a certain amount of credits (e.g.  30 credits)  to be completed before a student can register for the course.
  • Check the DARS to see how many credits have been earned.
  • Check the course description on eServices to find out if there is a credit requirement for the course.

Unpaid balance

Student has not paid    

  • Student must pay before hold is lifted
  • Contact Financial Management