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Waitlist and course cancellations

The wait-list is an e-Services function that allows students to place themselves on a waiting list for some classes once the class has reached its capacity.

Important things to remember for the wait-list:

  • Students registration window must be open in order to place self on waitlist
  • Placing oneself on a waitlist does not guarantee a spot in the course.
  • Waitlist offers are sent to your Metro State email account. Be sure to check this account and junk folder daily if utilizing the waitlist function.
  • Not all courses have a waitlist available
  • Wait-list function is shut-off 11:59 a.m. on the Wednesday prior to the start of any given term. and course(s) are then available to anyone if a seat becomes available
  • No petitions/overrides for full wait-listed courses are processed until the wait-list is shut off.
  • Not all courses have a waitlist available

Course changes and cancellations

Course changes

Any day/date/time/location or update to note field will result in an auto generated email to all registered students informing student(s) that a change has occurred and to log into e-Services to view course information updates.

Course Cancellations

Metropolitan State University reserves the right to cancel any course. For example, a course which does not meet minimum enrollment requirements may be canceled. Last-minute unavailability of an instructor or scheduled classroom location due to illness or disaster may also be caused to cancel a course. In the case of a cancellation, Metropolitan State University notifies registered students and processes full refunds of any monies paid. Cancellations and other schedule changes occur daily. Check the e-Services Class Schedule for the most up-to-date information.