Test options

Accuplacer tests

The College Board Accuplacer is designated as the system-endorsed placement instrument for assessment of reading comprehension, written English and mathematics in the implementation of the Minnesota State Board Policy 3.3 Assessment for Course Placement.

Math tests

The math tests are so branched that students start with Elementary Algebra of 12 questions first; they will go to Arithmetic Test with a total of 17 questions if they score low on Elementary Algebra; or they will go to College Level Math that has a total of 20 questions if they score high on the Elementary Algebra Skills test. Students have the opportunity to test out of the college algebra requirement, while the majority have to start with a course lower than college level.

Reading and writing tests

The reading and writing tests are so branched that students start with Reading Comprehension that consists of a total of 20 questions. The Reading Comprehension score is used to place students into both reading and writing classes. The highest placement level is reading-college-ready and Writing I. If a student scores at college level, no writing test is needed. A lower Reading Comprehension score will lead to the Sentence Skills test that also has 20 questions. The score of the Sentence Skills test is only used for advising purposes. If you believe your reading and writing skills are exceptionally strong, you can:

  • Take the College Board CLEP test to get credits for Writing I, or
  • Appeal directly to the Writing Department faculty for Writing II exemption.

English language proficiency tests

A new student whose native language is not English and who is not fluent in English should take the language proficiency tests. For more information, please contact Baorong Li at 651-793-1464 or at Baorong.Li@metrostate.edu.

CLEP, DSST, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and other tests

Metropolitan State University does not administer these tests. Students should find relevant information on the internet.