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Next Generation Accuplacer Tests

The College Board Accuplacer is designated as the system-endorsed placement instrument for assessment of reading, writing, and mathematics in the implementation of the MN State Board Policy 3.3 Assessment for Course Placement.

At Metropolitan State University, the Next Generation Accuplacer (NGA) tests are used, a version to be required across the MN State System.

These tests are NOT timed. But, 120 minutes are allocated for Math, Reading, and Writing tests; 90 minutes for either Math tests only, or Reading and Writing tests only, as required by the computer self-registration procedure. This time allocation proves to be enough for over 90% plus test takers. However, you should plan to start early on the test day if you think you need more than the allocated minutes.

Math tests

The math tests are so branched that students start with the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS) test of 20 questions, about the same level as the Classic Elementary Algebra test. They will go to the Arithmetic test of 20 questions if they score low on QAS; or they will go to the Advanced Algebra and Functions test (AAF)similar to the Classic College-Level-Math (CLM) test, if they score high on the QAS test. This AAF test has a total of 20 questions and will place students into College Algebra if they meet the cut score.

Reading and writing tests

The NG Reading test comes before the Writing one. It has 20 questions and can place students into a level that is sufficient for any reading involved college courses if they meet the cut score. The Writing test has 25 questions and can place students into college level English writing or composition courses if they meet the cut score.

English language proficiency tests

A new student whose native language is not English and who is not fluent in English should take the language proficiency tests. For more information, please contact Baorong Li at 651-793-1464 or at Baorong.Li@metrostate.edu.

DSST, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and other tests

Metropolitan State University does not administer these tests. Students should search and find relevant information on the Internet.


Metropolitan State University is listed at the CLEP website as a test center because our application was approved.  We are in the process of completing the required steps to be able to administer CLEP tests.  

If you need to test immediately, you can go to the CLEP website to see if there are other testing sites you can use.  We know Inver Hills CC is one of them.

Or you can wait until we announce we are ready to test. You can check back late April, 2019.