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Voucher request and other arrangements

Students may take the required Accuplacer placement tests at another institution if they have difficulty coming to our testing sessions. There are two options as described below. 


A student can request a voucher to take the required tests in an institution that uses the voucher system. Up until now, most Minnesota State institutions use the voucher system, but not all.

It is students' responsibility to check with the institution they intend to go if they accept vouchers both in state and out of state, even out of country. After students complete their research, they need to provide the following information to request a voucher from us by providing the following information to

  • Your choice of institution where you intend to take the tests, including State and institution Name
  • Your Metropolitan State University student (8 digits) ID number
  • Your first and last name, exactly the same as they are in the Student Records System
  • Your date of birth
  • Your home address
  • Your email address (Note: if you use your university email address, it must be in the following format
  • Your phone number(s)
  • Your ethnicity or ""I choose not to answer""
  • Your gender or ""I choose not to answer""
  • What test(s) you need to take

As soon as a voucher is successfully created, students will receive a voucher notice directly from Accuplacer with all information they need.

Online Testing with Examity

Students who need schedule flexibility also have the option to complete their ACCUPLACER tests through Examity, which is a secure online proctoring service that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. To begin the steps for Examity-based testing, and follow the steps in the “Getting Started” section. 

For additional information about Examity-based Accuplacer testing, including exam fees, visit or call 678.276.8204.

Fees or Charges:  

  • There is no fee or charge for Metropolitan State University students to take the Accuplacer tests with a Minn State institution.  
  • There is a fee (student makes payment to Examity) for Examity-based Accuplacer testing  

Consent for Release

If a student needs to send his or her Accuplacer test results to a third party out of the MN State System, the student needs to email for further information.

Minnesota State and Hubbs

Assessment offices at Other Minnesota State institutions:

  • Anoka Ramsey Community College
  • Cambridge 763-433-1980
  • Coon Rapids 763-433-1180
  • Anoka Technical College 763-576-7830
  • Century College 651-779-3352
  • Hennepin Technical College
  • Brooklyn Park 763-488-2590
  • Eden Prairie 952-995-1347
  • Inver Hills Community College 651-450-3687
  • Minneapolis College 612-659-6262
  • Normandale Community College 952-487-8201
  • North Hennepin Community College 763-424-0928
  • Saint Paul College 651-846-1555

Hubbs Center

If the placement level is Adult Basic Education, students may choose to use the free tutoring services at the Ronald M. Hubbs Center. This Center provides a special preparation class to Metropolitan State students; students may come back to retake the tests after completing the class. Students may contact the Hubbs Center by calling 651-290-4822.