Undergraduate Advising at Metropolitan State University is here to help students plan their academic programs. Each of the Metropolitan State's schools and colleges has professional advisors and faculty advisors.

Prospective undergraduate students should speak with an Admissions Counselor for information about program selection and transcript evaluation processes and should then apply for Admissions. Official transcripts are evaluated by the Registrar's Office as part of the application process after a student is admitted.

After you are admitted to the university and your transcripts have been evaluated, an academic advisor will be assigned to you to help you plan your academic program. Students may make an appointment to talk with their assigned advisor after being admitted to the university and completing orientation.

In addition, the electronic Class Schedule has general information related to registering for courses such as:

  • Academic Advising
  • Academic Calendar
  • Bookstore
  • Campus Location Guide
  • Financial Aid
  • Learning Strategies
  • Registration Information
  • Course Offerings
College of Sciences (COS)

COS Undergraduate Advising 
College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

CLA Undergraduate Advising

College of Community and Public Affairs (CCSPA) CCSPA Undergraduate Advising
College of Individualized Studies (CIS) CIS Undergraduate Advising
College of Management (COM) COM Undergraduate Advising
College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) CNHS Undergraduate Advising
Prison Program, Susan Rydell 651-999-5831
Undecided Student Advising


School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (SLC) SLC Undergraduate Advising
School of Urban Education (UED) UED Undergraduate Advising

What is your Academic Standing?

Contact your advisor if you are planning significant changes in your program.

Questions? Contact Gateway at 651-793-1300, or search the FAQs / send an email through Ask Us.

Declare Your Program

Once you are admitted, get accepted to a specific major or program.