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Brenda Hays Senior Community Faculty
  • Management Information Systems
brenda.hays@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Brenda Hehr
  • Nursing
brenda.hehr@metrostate.edu (651)793-1375
Brenda Merrill Associate Professor
  • Nursing
brenda.merrill@metrostate.edu (651)793-1358
Brenden Schaaf Senior Community Faculty
  • Accounting
brenden.schaaf@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Brent Johnson
  • School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
brent.johnson@metrostate.edu (763)657-3749
Brett Grant Community Faculty
  • Ethnic and Religious Studies
brett.grant@metrostate.edu (651)793-1489
Brian Bartholomay Senior Community Faculty
  • Psychology
brian.bartholomay@metrostate.edu (651)999-5820
Brian Beekie
  • Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management
raj.beekie@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Brian Convery Community Faculty
  • School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
brian.convery@metrostate.edu (763)657-3749
Brian Dorr Community Faculty
  • Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management
brian.dorr@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Brian Goodroad Professor
  • Nursing
brian.goodroad@metrostate.edu (651)793-1370
Brian Higbee Operations Coordinator
  • Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship
brian.higbee@metrostate.edu (651)793-1286
Brian Hill
  • Computer Science and Cybersecurity
brian.hill@metrostate.edu (651)793-1471
Brian Hodge-Rice Community Faculty
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education
brian.hodge-rice@metrostate.edu (612)659-7120
Brian McConnell Senior Community Faculty
  • Marketing, Supply Chain Operations Management and International Business
brian.mcconnell@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Brian Nerney Professor, Department Chair- Fine Arts
  • SCWA-Academic Writing and Reading
  • SCWA-Fine Arts
brian.nerney@metrostate.edu (651)999-5952
Bridget McMahon
  • Nursing
bridget.mcmahon@metrostate.edu (651)793-1375
Britney Iacono Academic Advisor, Community Faculty
  • College of Individualized Studies
britney.iacono@metrostate.edu (651)793-1784
Brittanie Karkula Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Hygiene
brittanie.karkula@metrostate.edu (651)793-1794
Brockton Hunter Community Faculty
  • Public and Nonprofit Leadership
brockton.hunter@metrostate.edu (651)999-5854
Bruce Drewlow Assistant Professor
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education
Bruce Hinrichs Community Faculty
  • Psychology
bruce.hinrichs@metrostate.edu (651)999-5820
Bryan Litsey P.O.S.T Coordinator and Academic Advisor, Assistant Professor
  • School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
  • College of Community Studies and Public Affairs
bryan.litsey@metrostate.edu (763)657-3752
Bryan Nelson Senior Community Faculty
  • Psychology
bryan.nelson@metrostate.edu (612)724-3430
Caitlin Mahoney Associate Professor
  • Psychology
caitlin.mahoney@metrostate.edu (651)999-5823