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Responding to concerns and incidents

Taking timely and deliberate steps to address student and employee complaints is one way we demonstrate that we care about members of our community. While these resources are shared with students and employees during orientation, it is worthwhile to remind students and colleagues that these avenues exist for reporting concerns and incidents as they arise.

Campus security

  • Know when and how to contact the police or campus security.

Reporting incidents of discrimination or harassment based on protected class

  • Specific processes apply to allegations of retaliation, or to discrimination or harassment based on sex, race, age, disability, color, creed, national origin, religion,sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, or status with regard to public assistance.

Reporting incidents of sexual violence

  • Timely action is critical.

Student Code of Conduct (student-specific)

  • Each college and university has a student code of conduct. The code contains a statement of student responsibilities as members of the college or university community, as well as a statement of proscribed behavior for which a student may be held accountable, including violation of local, state, and federal laws. Codes include specific policies and administrative procedures for student conduct proceedings.

Student grievance and complaint process for other concerns (student-specific)

  • Each college and university has a process by which a student may make a written claim alleging improper, unfair, or arbitrary action by an employee involving the application of a specific provision of a college or university rule/regulation or a board policy or procedure. (This policy does not apply to those college or university rules or regulations or to board policies or procedures that include an appeal or grievance process).

Employee Code of Conduct

  • Minnesota State System Procedure 1C.0.1 Employee Code of Conduct
  • The code provides, in part, that "in striving to fulfill our system's vision and carry out our mission, all employees of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities must meet public expectations for excellence by providing high quality education and related services, demonstrating sound stewardship of resources, acting with integrity, and displaying fair treatment and respect for all, ensuring that employment and education opportunities are inclusive and serve all the state's diverse communities."

Employee grievance and complaint process for other concerns

  • Employees may address contract-related grievances through their designated grievance representative. Other complaints may be addressed directly to the human resources office.