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Social Science BA

College of Liberal Arts / Social Science
Undergraduate major / Bachelor of Arts

About The Program

Social science majors examine local, national, and international issues with an understanding of the global context in which they occur. Students interested in questions of inequality and social justice, cultural diversity, societal influences and social identities, political advocacy, social movements, and globalization should consider the social science major at Metropolitan State University. Students in the program engage in a rigorous process of investigation and develop tools to explore, analyze, and ultimately act on the social environment.

Our program is committed to offering quality academic education and to providing opportunities for students to integrate their skills into community-based experience. The department helps students identify internships to explore civic and career interests and build professional relationships.

For the social science major, students complete 40 credits. All students participate in an interdisciplinary series of four advanced “core” courses that provide a creative and rigorous educational experience. These courses are taken in sequence. Students also integrate their skills with community-based internship experience. In addition, students take 20 elective credits within their chosen “track.” Social science majors choose one of five specialized tracks or the generalist track.

The tracks offer a variety of options:

What can I do with the degree?

Our graduates have a well-developed skill-set that leads them to become strong, competitive candidates for a variety of professions:

  • international affairs,
  • politics,
  • legal studies,
  • public policy,
  • advocacy,
  • social services in public and non-profit institutions.

Employers, graduate and professional schools seek potential employees who have a deep and broad educational basis as well as the specific skills our students develop in the major:

  • effective oral and written communication;
  • critical and creative approaches to problem solving;
  • a deep understanding of the value of cultural diversity and a global perspective.

Student outcomes

The learning outcomes for this major provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities to enter the 21st-century workplace to:

  • know and understand the essential concepts of social science;
  • comprehend the historical foundations, theoretical paradigms, and research methods of social science;
  • develop higher order thinking skills by analyzing and interpreting social science literature;
  • write analytically in a style that is informed, well-reasoned, and literate;
  • recognize and understand differences of gender and sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, religion, and social class;
  • understand and utilize a global perspective
  • develop civic skills by participating in community-based learning and internships
  • to become advocates and leaders in their communities, our nation, and the globe.

How to enroll

Current students: Declare this program

Once you’re admitted as an undergraduate student and have met any further admission requirements your chosen program may have, you may declare a major or declare an optional minor.

Future students: Apply now

Apply to Metropolitan State: Start the journey toward your Social Science BA now. Learn about the steps to enroll or, if you have questions about what Metropolitan State can offer you, request information, visit campus or chat with an admissions counselor.

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