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Internship roles and responsibilities

The specific roles and responsibilities of a student intern are negotiated between the student and her/his onsite supervisor/evaluator at the beginning of the internship and should be clearly stated on the Internship Agreement.

In addition, student responsibilities include:

  • attending an internship information session (this is optional);
  • contacting the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship (ICES) for a student information packet;
  • attaining an internship site;
  • reading, following and incorporating the appropriate College and Department Guidelines when completing the Internship Agreement;
  • completing and submitting an Internship Agreement to the Internship Office by the timeline indicated in the appropriate college/department guidelines;
  • registering for the internship within the semester it is approved;
  • being aware of any financial aid, graduation, registration or other deadlines s/he may have; and planning accordingly for approval, registration and completion of the internship;
  • attending any required college/department Internship Group Meetings;
  • submitting any deliverables required by the college/department;
  • notifying the Internship Office (651-793-1289 or if there is a problem or concern with the internship and/or site; and
  • reporting any concerns that may violate affirmative action/equal opportunity or sexual harassment laws to the on-site supervisor/evaluator (if appropriate) and/or the Internship Office (651-793-1289 or immediately.

Supervisor and evaluator

Depending on the degree program and corresponding guidelines, the onsite supervisor is the sole supervisor and evaluator of a Metropolitan State intern. For others, the faculty liaison is the learning evaluator. 

Supervisor responsibilities include

  • negotiating the learning strategies and evaluation plan with the student for the Internship Agreement (Word document);
  • providing on-going supervision and guidance; 
  • integrating the student into the site by including her/him in appropriate meetings and providing information, resources and opportunities for professional development;
  • providing vocational guidance and mentoring to the student;
  • evaluating the student's performance and writing the final narrative evaluation on Metropolitan State's Learning Evaluation (LE) form using the appropriate college/department guidelines;
  • submitting, within one week of completion of the internship, the Learning Evaluation to Metropolitan State's Grades Department and
  • notifying the Internship Office (651-793-1289 or email immediately if there is a problem or concern with the student intern and/or internship.