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Finding a career path

Every major has employable value. We can show you where most graduates in a major end up employed, but college will teach you critical thinking and you can often cross into employment opportunities because employers will value your mind and attitude.

What do you want to do when you leave college? What kinds of opportunities are “out there”? What can I do with different majors? 

These are the big career planning questions and they might take a while to answer – college is a great place to figure out what’s next! 

Two things really help:

  1. look at career planning and decision-making as a lifelong process rather than a one-time decision, and
  2. start early (now!) – if you wait until graduation, you will miss out on all sorts of opportunities.

FOCUS will help you discover your interests, explore majors and learn about different career options through online career assessments. 
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Wondering what you can do with your major? Our Academic Programs include information on what careers are available for each major. We also have a great tool, “What Can I Do With This Major?” that offers information on areas of employment, types of employers, and career strategies for each major.

Explore “What Can I Do With This Major?”