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Job search

A job search is like running a small business where the product you're selling is you. Discover a market that needs you, and start meeting people in that market to let them know that you're available. The more people you meet, from more companies, the better your chances of finding a way in.

There is a lot of strategy in an effective job search. In a nutshell, we recommend more time with people and less on the internet.

Career Steps

Getting organized is half the battle. One approach is to register in D2L for Career Steps, pick three goals, set dates by which you’d like to achieve those goals, and go. Once those goals are met, pick a few more.

Alumni, you too can access Career Steps here.

CandidCareer Videos

Got three minutes? We offer a whole series of short videos on topics from building your network to researching companies and to nailing an interview. Watch CandidCareer videos here.

Staying Organized

Searching for a job can be challenging for so many reasons. One way to make the job search process easier is to keep track of your efforts. The Career Center recommends keeping a job search activity log of all your contacts and applications. Try out our example job search activity log or create your own:

Job search activity log