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Annette Steensland
  • Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management
annette.steensland@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Antar Salim Senior Community Faculty
  • Economics and Finance
antar.salim@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Anthony Titus Senior Community Faculty
  • SCWA-Fine Arts
anthony.titus@metrostate.edu (651)999-5940
Antonio Nava Facilities Scheduling Coordinator
  • Campus Operations
antonio.nava@metrostate.edu (651)793-1709
Aryel Londer aryel.londer@metrostate.edu
Ashesh Saraf Community Faculty
  • Marketing, Supply Chain Operations Management and International Business
ashesh.saraf@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Ashlee Slye Community Faculty ashlee.slye@metrostate.edu
Ashok Kapoor Senior Community Faculty
  • Economics and Finance
ashok.kapoor@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Ashwin Madia Senior Community Faculty
  • Economics and Finance
ashwin.madia@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Aubrey Tauer
  • Natural Sciences
aubrey.tauer@metrostate.edu (651)793-1606
Audrey Bergengren Vice President of Marketing, Communication and Recruitment
  • Marketing and Communications
audrey.bergengren@metrostate.edu (651)793-1828
August Hoffman Professor
  • Psychology
august.hoffman@metrostate.edu (651)999-5814
Aureliano DeSoto Associate Professor, Department Chair
  • Ethnic and Religious Studies
aureliano.desoto@metrostate.edu (651)793-1492
Avinash Pulchan Community Faculty
  • Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management
avinash.pulchan@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Awo Ahmed Community Engagement Coordinator - Literacy and Youth
  • Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship
awo.ahmed@metrostate.edu (651)793-1288
Axel Boldt Associate Professor
  • Mathematics and Statistics
axel.boldt@metrostate.edu (651)793-1421
Bahiyyah Muhammad bahiyyah.muhammad@metrostate.edu
Baorong Li Assessment and Academic Research Director
  • Placement Assessment
baorong.li@metrostate.edu (651)793-1464
Barbara Beltrand Associate Professor
  • Accounting
barbara.beltrand@metrostate.edu (612)659-7308
Barbara Savage Academic Program Coordinator
  • College of Sciences
barbara.savage@metrostate.edu (651)793-1469
Beatriz Desantiago-Fjelstad Senior Community Faculty
  • Literature and Language
beatriz.desantiagofjelstad@metrostate.edu (651)793-1327
Becca Peters Associate Professor, Cataloging and Acquisitions Librarian
  • Library and Information Services
becca.peters@metrostate.edu (651)793-1619
Bee Moua Student Success Coordinator for Asian American Pacific Islanders
  • Multicultural, American Indian and Retention Services
bee.moua@metrostate.edu (651)793-1548
Bee Xiong Information Commons Specialist
  • Library and Information Services
bee.xiong@metrostate.edu (651)793-1668
Belo Cipriani Professional Writing Tutor, Community Faculty
  • Center for Academic Excellence
belo.cipriani@metrostate.edu (651)793-1485