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Alumni Career Experience

Alumni Career Experience

The Alumni Career Experience is a conference designed to provide support to our alumni community. Our primary objective is to offer you access to essential job search information and exclusive networking opportunities with local employers.


  • Wednesday, May 8, 2024, from 1 to 5 p.m.

Venue: 3rd floor of the Library and Learning Center
Attire: To ensure everyone feels comfortable and presents themselves professionally, the attire for this event is business casual.


  • Capture a professional headshot tailored for your LinkedIn profile, while also gaining expert advice on leveraging LinkedIn in your job search.
  • Acquire valuable insights on resume development and have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback from seasoned hiring professionals.
  • Engage in a comprehensive mock interview session conducted by experienced hiring professionals.
  • Establish and expand your professional network by connecting with local employers and fellow Metro State alumni.

At the Career Center, we firmly believe that the pursuit of a new career opportunity is significantly enhanced when accompanied by a robust support system. By joining us, you will be taking the first step toward launching your job search journey.

The Alumni Career Experience is proudly presented by the Career Center in collaboration with Alumni Relations and Tutoring and Testing Services.

Frequently asked questions:

An “alumni” is someone who has completed their degree with a university or college. If you have graduated from Metro, you are a Metro alumni! If you have already graduated or are set to graduate between now and December 2023, you are invited to participate in the Alumni Career Experience. We also want to invite you to get involved in our Alumni Association. Learn more about all of your opportunities as an alumni of the university.

The Alumni Career Experience will offer attendees the opportunity to have a professional headshot taken and the opportunity to network with hiring professionals. Come dressed to represent your best self!

We know that in order to get the most out of our conference is to attend the whole event! That being said, life happens. If you have to come late or leave early, please let us know this as part of your registration or as soon as you know you cannot commit to the whole thing. Everyone will get some takeaway from each part they attend.

The Career Center has you covered! Although we cannot duplicate this whole event virtually, we can meet with you virtually on another date and cover the information that means the most to you. Contact the Career Center today to schedule your appointment. or 651.793.1528.

Registration is essential for this event as it allows us to plan for the appropriate number of volunteers and employer partners. Your registration is greatly appreciated. Failing to register may mean supplies will not be available for you on the day of the event. Please register if you can, but if you happen to come across the event hours before it starts and you want to join, PLEASE JOIN US! There may be a cancelation and we would love for you to participate.

Are you unsure and left with questions? Ask! Contact the Career Center with any questions you may have so you can feel confident that this is a good opportunity for you. or 651.793.1528.