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Assistive technology

At Metropolitan State University we recognize that not all students have the same level of access to assistive technology and therefore we provide many options at no charge through loans of equipment or access to software.

The Center for Accessibility Resources (CAR) has a variety of assistive technology tools available for use. Some are available for check out from the library, while others are already installed and available through university lab computers. If you have a specific need, please contact CAR directly.

University Provided Devices

The following devices are available for checkout at the circulation desk on the second floor of the library, for up to one semester at a time. Student ID required for checkout. Contact the library by phone at 651.793.1616 or email

  • LiveScribe Pen: assists students with note taking by making an audio recording and visual recording of the notes written in the notebook provided.
  • Digital Recorders: assists students with note taking by making an audio recording.
  • FM System: assists students by amplifying audio and transmitting the audio to the student through an earbud or neck loop.
  • iPad: may assist students with note taking. *note these are older devices and cannot be updated beyond IOS 10 which will limit the available choice of apps. 

Contact CAR by phone at 651.793.1549 or email to request the following devices.

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV): assists low vision students.
  • Computer microphone: assists students using speech to text software programs.

University Provided Software

  • Kurzweil 3000 includes tools for reading comprehension, note taking, studying, and more. Available for all Metro State students and faculty.
  • Ally Alternative Formats: download content in D2L in a preferred format.
  • Immersive Reader: text to speech functions with customizable display for visually following along as text is read aloud. Available in Word, Outlook, and OneNote.
  • JAWS: screen reader installed on all Windows university computers.
  • Native accessibility tools 
    • Windows: Magnifier, Speech Recognition, Narrator; 
    • Apple: Zoom, Voice Control, VoiceOver

Contact Center for Accessibility Resources for access

  • Glean: recording and note taking program to help with studying and organizing information from class. 
  • Dragon Professional: speech recognition tool to control your computer by voice and write using dictation.

Assistive Technology Resources

The following list of assistive technologies is not comprehensive, and not all are provided or supported by Metro State University.

Text to Speech

Use a text to speech tool to have content read out loud with the option to follow along visually while listening to the speech.

Audio Recording

Audio recording tools may be used as part of an approved accommodation. The LiveScribe Pen and Glean include features to take notes while recording and aid review of material.

Voice recognition

These programs can be used to control your computer with your voice as an alternative to using a mouse or keyboard. They also support dictation.


These speech to text tools will convert what is spoken into text in real time. Other tools can be used to create a transcription from an audio recording.

Concept mapping

Software for visual outlining/concept mapping to assist with the writing process.

Screen filters

Screen filters can be used to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from your display. The color filter can be enabled all the time or set to turn on and off at a specific time each day.

Screen magnification 

Enlarge content on your screen to make it easier to see. These may include read aloud features or can be used with other text to speech tools.

Screen reader

A screen reader is a program that can read everything on the screen and allows for non-visual navigation with keyboard commands or gestures on a touch screen.

Phone apps

There are many apps that can be installed on phones and tablets. This is a short list of recommendations:

Braille translation

Digital book resources

  • Learning Ally (Formerly Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic) 
    • Library of digitally recorded textbooks and literature titles
    • Membership is $99 per year and includes unlimited access to the full library.
  • Bookshare
    • Free for all U.S. students with qualifying disabilities
    • Offers digital books, textbooks, periodicals and assistive technology tools
  • Project Gutenberg
    • Free ebooks (copyright expired): choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online
  • National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled
    • Free audio and braille books for individuals with qualifying disabilities