Tech accessibility


Information about captioning and transcribing video.

Audio description 

Information about audio description services.

Creating content 

How to create and structure accessible Microsoft and PDF documents, as well as find additional resources.

Buying accessible IT 

Purchasing electronic and information technology that’s equally accessible to individuals with or without a disability.

Guidelines and standards 

Metropolitan State University’s guidelines for accessibility regarding electronic and information technology (EIT) environments.

Metropolitan State University is committed to achieving full accessibility of all electronic documents, materials and information technology to ensure equitable experiences for all members of our diverse community. Through the Metropolitan State University website and/or individual or group consultation, CAR, IT services and Center for Online Learning are providing resources to help you create accessible materials. This includes website content, PDF documents, email communications, Microsoft office documents, etc. Some common areas of interest are listed here. If you don't find what you are looking for please contact us at